CRA Origin and Governance

A Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) is a public entity that finances redevelopment within focused areas.  These areas tend to be older neighborhoods where there is a need to reverse deterioration, create jobs, revitalize the business climate, increase property values and encourage active participation and investment by citizens.  Martin County's Community Redevelopment Agency was created by Ordinance 517 on June 24, 1997.  The general provisions and definitions are included in Martin County's Code of Ordinances under Chapter 39.

In order to be legally established, a CRA must adhere to the guidelines as outlined in the Community Redevelopment Act (Chapter 163, Part III). 

  1. Adopt a Finding of Necessity, a field study that formally identifies conditions within the established boundaries of the area.
  2. Develop and adopt a Community Redevelopment Plan. The plan should address the unique needs of the targeted area and include overall goals, and identify programs and projects.
  3. Establish a Redevelopment Trust Fund enabling the CRA Board to direct a percentage of property tax revenues to the target areas in order to implement the redevelopment plan.

The CRA operates under the provisions of the Uniform Special District Accountability Act (Chapter 189).

The Martin County Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) is the Governing body that controls and directs the activities of the Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA). In Martin County the BOCC also sits as the CRA. The BOCC:

  1. Sets the amount of Tax Increment Finance (TIF) received by the CRA
  2. Approves and allocates fund for redevelopment projects
  3. Appoints Community Redevelopment Agency members
  4. Appoints Neighborhood Advisory Committee members

Role of the Neighborhood Advisory Committee

To build support for the redevelopment planning process, and to assure that the plan is based upon the unique goals and aspirations of the individual communities, a volunteer Neighborhood Advisory Committee (NAC) of property owners, local merchants, and interested citizens is appointed for each area and work closely with Martin County staff.

NAC members provide advice and recommendations to the Community Redevelopment Agency regarding projects adopted within the individual CRA Plans.  This can include the proposal of amendments and modifications to the CRA Plans, when needed.

To be appointed as an NAC member, an individual must be either:

  1. A resident of the respective community redevelopment area, or
  2. A resident of Martin County, who is also a business owner of a business located within the respective Community Redevelopment Area; or
  3. A resident of Martin County, who is also a senior manager of a business located within a CRA; or
  4. A resident of Martin County, who also owns real property within a half-mile of the respective CRA.*

* No more than two members will be appointed from category 4.