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Old Palm City Community Redevelopment Area


  • Palm City
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August 04, 2020 at 03:26 PM

Old Palm City CRA

The Community Redevelopment Area Plan for Old Palm City was adopted in April 2002. The Vision for the Old Palm City CRA includes the following seven (7) components:

  1. Retrofit Mapp Road;
  2. Enhanced Neighborhood Streets, Sidewalks and Bikeways;
  3. Old Palm City Greenway;
  4. Develop Gateways, Signs and Historic Markers;
  5. Lead the Design of the Indian Street Bridge, 36th Street and CR 714 Corridor;
  6. Reconnect the Neighborhoods North of Martin Downs Blvd.
  7. and Upgrade Infrastructure.

The Old Palm City Neighborhood Advisory Committee  (NAC) meets regularly at the Palm City Community Center on Cornell Avenue and provides advice and recommendations to the Community Redevelopment Agency regarding the implementation of projects adopted within the Old Palm City Community Redevelopment Plan.

Mapp Road Towncenter Project

Martin County and your Old Palm City Neighborhood Advisory Committee are working to enhance Mapp Road into another beautiful streetscape in Martin County.

The Mapp Road Town Center Project will complete the vision with generous sidewalks, landscaping, decorative streetlights, trash/recycling receptacle, curb and gutter drainage, on-street parking and a well-connected corridor that safely accommodates vehicles, bicycles and people.

Proposed CRA Land Development Regulations, Article 12, Division 4 Old Palm City CRA 

Dana Little, Urban Design Director, of the Treasure Coast Regional Planning Council presented the proposed land development regulations, land use designations, and zoning atlas for the Old Palm City CRA to the Old Palm City Neighborhood Advisory Committee on November 18.

Ripple Eco Stormwater Project

An important and exciting project is happening in our Old Palm City neighborhood that will combine art, science and YOU – the community!  “Ripple…as a drop of water becomes a river” is a unique combination of stormwater treatment, artistic elements and community engagement. 

Ripple will reconnect the Old Palm City neighborhood with the St. Lucie River at three distinct sites along SW 28th and 29th Streets. Ripple is part of only a handful of projects across the county to receive grant funding from the National Endowment for the Arts. 

This storm water treatment project, integrated with artistic and educational elements, will not only enhance and beautify our community, but will be an environmental asset as well!

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