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Capital Improvement Plan (CIP)

The Board of County Commissioners annually reviews a ten-year Capital Improvement Program (CIP). The CIP is designed to balance the need for public facilities as expressed population projections with the fiscal capability of the County to meet those needs. Projects within the Capital Improvements Plan are prioritized in accordance with the criteria in Section 14.4 of the Comprehensive Growth Management Plan. The CIP serves as the planning guide for the construction of public facilities in the County.

The CIP process provides a framework for careful development of reliable capital expenditure and revenue estimates. The CIP is an integral element of the County's budgeting process. The first year of the ten-year CIP is the foundation for the Capital Budget. Action by the Board of County Commissioners to adopt the Capital Budget alters the first year of the CIP as well. The remaining nine years in the CIP serve as a plan for the future provision of capital facilities.

The first five years of the CIP are required to be fully funded. Consistent with the Policy 14.1B.2(2)(A), Comprehensive Growth Management Plan, CIP projects that provide new level of service for growth will normally not be funded with county wide ad valorem.