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Bid Opportunities

We welcome businesses seeking to enter or expand into the government market. Martin County processes its procurement transactions through the DemandStar electronic procurement system. Vendors must register on the DemandStar website to be notified of upcoming bid opportunities.

DemandStar provides vendors with:

  • Notification of bid, proposal, and quote solicitations
  • Access to project detail information
  • Access to key documents via electronic download
  • Access to Planholders Lists
  • Access to contract award information
  • Ability to submit bid and quote responses online

Florida Law, Section 112.313(3) and 7, Florida Statutes, prohibits an advisory board member from doing business with the County.


To view current bid opportunities, you must register as a vendor on the DemandStar website to receive bid documents and notifications of Addenda. If you have any additional questions, please select the "Submit a Request for Help or Information" button. 

Bid Opportunities
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