Application Process

The Growth Management Department has moved to online environmental permit applications. To apply for an environmental permit, we have outlined the new online application process below.


To create and submit a Growth Management online permit application, you must first register and log in to our online permit system, Accela Citizen Access (ACA) portal. Select the "apply online" button below.


Once registered, select “Create” from the top menu in the ACA Portal, then select “Growth Management Permit” from the drop-down list. Payment will be accepted by credit card at the end of the online application process.

This new online application process excludes Development Review projects. For Development Review projects requiring an environmental waiver, the additional fee will be paid for with your development application.

Required Documents

Each application type will have a set of required documents that must be uploaded during the online application process. The specific list of required documents by application type(s) are listed below.

Required Documents:

  1. Land Clearing Plan (view sample)
  2. Abbreviated Environmental Assessment

Required Documents:

  1. Deed
  2. Survey
  3. Environmental Assessment 
  4. PAMP Document 
  5. Site Plan

Required Documents:

  1. Pre-Application Evaluation and Determination Letter 
  2. Property Survey (Must show mean high water line/elevation) 
  3. Site Plan (Provide proposed construction location and elevation) 
  4. Erosion Control Plan 
  5. Grading Plan (view sample grading plan)

Required Documents:

  1. Deed
  2. Property Survey
  3. Site Plan

For applications not digitally submitted by a property owner, notarized signatures by the owner and the agent are required on an Agent Authorization Form.


If you are ready to apply for an environmental permit, please access our online permit system – Accela Citizen Access portal, via the button below.

Need Help?

If you need additional help, we have created help documents to assist you with the online environmental application process and information on how to apply for these permits.

Help Documents:

If you have any additional questions about the online application process for environmental applications, or if at any time you need assistance during the application process, please contact us.