Driving Simulator

Designed to provide an ultra-realistic driving experience, the driving simulator at the Elisabeth Lahti Library offers users the chance to engage in a variety of driving scenarios. From bustling city streets to serene country roads, the simulator replicates real-world environments with stunning accuracy. 

Whether you're a beginner learning the basics or an experienced driver honing your skills, the simulator offers tailored experiences to suit your level. It includes various modules focusing on road safety, traffic rules, and defensive driving techniques.

The driving simulator is for visitors ages 15 and up.

How to use The Driving Simulator

While at the Elisabeth Lahti Library, getting started with the driving simulator is as easy as going to the front desk and asking to use it, then:

  1. Library staff will scan your library card.

  2. They will checkout the Driving Sim to make sure you get everything you need, including headphones.

  3. You will then be logged in to use the Driving Sim. Remember to let us know if you would prefer to practice with manual transmission.