Fire Inspections Overview

Fire Prevention staff performing a fire inspection at a business

Martin County Fire Prevention conducts periodic and annual fire safety inspections to help business owners maintain a safe business environment and minimize the threat of fire or explosion, in accordance with the Florida Fire Prevention Code.

Fire Prevention also performs both plan reviews and field inspections to determine fire code compliance for all construction activities involving both new and existing structures.


During a fire safety inspection, MCFR personnel will evaluate whether conditions at a business site are safe or if there are issues that are liable to cause a fire or endanger lives and property as a result of fire. If non-compliances are identified during your inspection, you will be notified and given a reasonable period of time to correct any existing deficiencies before enforcement action is taken.

All new businesses are required to have a fire safety inspection as part of the Business Tax Receipt process. Zoning approval by the Growth Management Department is required prior to scheduling your safety inspection.

To schedule a fire inspection for a new business:

Once the zoning approval has been granted and you are provided with a permit number, please contact Martin County Fire Prevention to schedule a new business fire inspection at (772) 288-5633.

Periodic fire safety inspections will be conducted for existing businesses for required code compliance, to maintain a safe business environment and minimize the threat of fire or explosion.

Inspection frequency:

Inspection frequency is determined by the inspector according the occupancy, as well as use of the building and associated hazards at the site. Several state-licensed occupancies require annual fire inspections to maintain their licenses.

To schedule a fire inspection for an existing business:

Contact Martin County Fire Prevention at (772) 288-5633.

The Florida Fire Prevention Code requires all food trucks operating in Martin County to have fire safety inspections and to prominently display a dated Food Truck inspection sticker, which will be provided upon completion of a successful inspection.

To schedule an inspection for a food truck:

Contact Martin County Fire Prevention at (772) 288-5633. All food truck inspection reports should then be uploaded to the Compliance Engine database by the fire protection contractor.


The new and existing business fire safety inspection checklist below has been developed to help you meet fire code requirements and avoid receiving a notice of non-compliance based on the Florida Fire Prevention Code.

Knox Box

A key box, called a "Knox Box," or a padlock is required where access to a structure or an area is difficult or where immediate access is necessary for lifesaving or firefighting purposes. The Knox Box Rapid Entry System is a secure method of providing first responders instant access to your building or property during an emergency. 

Martin County Fire Rescue uses the various Knox key boxes, vaults, padlocks and key switches to allow immediate entry into building and property without forced entry damage or delay.

Our department/agency is: Martin Co Fire Prev

Construction, Remodel, Plan Review

Martin County Fire Prevention also performs both plan reviews and construction (technical) inspections to determine fire code compliance for all construction activities involving both new and existing structures built within unincorporated Martin County. These inspections must be "passed" prior to occupancy, and range from a visual check of sprinkler and alarm systems to an observed discharge of a special extinguishing system.

For inspection guidelines and requirements for construction, remodeling and/or plan review, please select the "contractor's checklists" tab above. 

Tents, Events, Fireworks

Martin County Fire Prevention issues fire code permits for tents, special events (such as fairs and festivals), and fireworks displays. For specific details, permit requirements and inspection guidelines, please select the "Tents, Events, Fireworks" tab above.

Contact Us

Should you have any questions or concerns – before, during or after your fire safety inspection, please discuss these with your inspector. Our goal is always to assist you in maintaining a safe environment for your employees and customers.

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