What is a Button Maker?

A button being made at the library

A Button Maker uses a hand press, metal, and plastic to create buttons that can be made into pins, magnets, keychains and more. All are welcome to design and create their own buttons at the library! 

For public use, we have the 2.25" Button Maker by American Button Machine, available at the Blake Library, Robert Morgade Library, and Hobe Sound Public Library. Button makers do not need to be reserved.

Get creative – it's easy and fun!

How To Get Started

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1. Button supplies

We have button-making supply kits available for purchase, 10 buttons for $1.50.

Each kit contains the following:

Front shell

2. Your custom printed and cut-out design

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1. Find your graphics

Create your own design or find a file on the web. You can use personal photos, designs, and images. Look for royalty-free images and graphics on websites like: 

2. Add your graphics to a 2.25" template

Insert your graphics into a template. Square images work best, so you crop any photos before adding to the template. You can select one of the library's free templates below (requires Word or PowerPoint), or visit americanbuttonmachines.com for more template options.

You can also create your own template with Adobe Photoshop, Photopea.com, or Canva.com. Be sure to use these dimensions to use the 2.25" Button Maker! Outside, cut circle: 2.625" Inside, picture circle: 2.063"

3. Print and cut your design

When your design is complete, print your template. The Library offers color printing for $1/page. When printing, check settings to make sure your printer does not "scale to fit paper" or reduce the size in any way. When cutting your design, be sure to cut inside the outer cut circle.

Now you're ready to use the button maker!

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