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Does Sailfish Splash Waterpark issue refunds due to inclement weather?

The facility may close due to inclement weather, mechanical difficulties, health and safety reasons, poor attendance, or other unforeseen conditions.  Sailfish Splash Waterpark does not issue refunds.  Visit Protection may be purchased at the admission window for $2.00 per person, valid on day purchased.  In such circumstances, patrons present at Sailfish Splash Waterpark who purchased "Visit Protection" at the time of their admission may redeem the benefit when an "unplanned" or "inclement weather" closure concludes the day's public hours of operation or lasts more than 20 minutes.

What is the Sailfish Splash Waterpark inclement weather policy?

Sailfish Splash Waterpark may close due to inclement weather, mechanical difficulties, health and safety reasons, poor attendance, or other unforeseen conditions.  The facility utilizes the Thorguard alert system.  The Thorguard alert system predicts if there is a threat of lightening approaching the facility.  If you hear one long horn blast the lifeguards will clear the pools and facility and patrons will be asked to exit the park to their vehicles.  After the storm passes, the system will sound three short blasts and the park will reopen.  If the park has been closed for longer than 30 minutes the Manager will make the determination if the facility should close for the day or reopen.

Will the "50 meter competition pool” be open for lap swimming?

The 50-Meter competition pool is open to lap swimmers during the hours of operation listed on the website, it is 7.5' deep and the dive well is 13.5’.  The daily pool admission fee for lap swimming is $5 for an adult 13 years of age to 54 or $4 for a child or Senior over 55 (including tax).  Annual Lap swim passes are also available to purchase online.

Is outside food or beverage permitted in the waterpark?

Outside food and beverages and coolers are not permitted inside Sailfish Splash Waterpark, which offers a full service concession stand. Infant formula or special dietary food items are allowed.

Are toddlers required to wear an elastic vinyl cover over their diaper?

Sailfish Splash Waterpark requires children under the age of 3 to wear an elastic containment diaper. The water diaper is sold to the public at our cost (waterpark makes no profit). The elastic diaper will contain liquids, including diarrhea, which impose health risks, costs, and extreme inconvenience on other patrons and the water park which can result in closures of attractions.

The Center for Disease Control and the Florida Department of Health regulations do not stipulate a brand of containment diaper. Moreover, risk of contamination can never be zero. Nonetheless, the water park has an affirmative obligation to protect the health of its patrons. Given, that the park staff has zero control over whether parents keep sick children out of the water, the frequency of diaper changes, and other hygiene habits, the water park staff formulated an unvarnished, practical rule that reduces risk as much as possible, in an exceptionally pragmatic and uncomplicated manner.

Specifically, at the water’s edge, if a 16 year old lifeguard (who may not be able to distinguish children’s ages) sees a diapered child entering the water not wearing an easily recognizable containment diaper, the parents will be told politely and insistently to remove the child from the water until the child is appropriately attired with a known containment diaper, one of which can be purchased at the water park.

The issue is not whether other brands work. The challenge is practical, functional implementation of a rule that reduces risk as much as possible in the least costly, burdensome manner. In that regard, this particular brand of containment diaper and this rule have a very positive track record, over a number of years, at county water parks in Broward and Palm Beach Counties. Consequently, we apply practices and procedures known to work well, so that you, our customer, may enjoy Sailfish Splash Waterpark.

What is the height restriction for the two, 4-story high waterslides?

All guests must be at least 42 inches in height to ride the waterslides. Guest may not exceed 300lbs in weight.

Can I use the food pavilion for my private party?

The pavilion is for birthday parties only. Patrons may book a birthday party at one of the areas within the pavilion.

Are there picnic areas located outside of Sailfish Splash Waterpark?

There are two picnic tables located in the open field just north of the waterpark.

Can I smoke inside the waterpark?

Smoking, Vaping, E-cigs and other tobacco products are not permitted inside the waterpark.  A cigarette urn is provided just North of the main gate entry.  We ask that you please extinguish all cigarette butts in the urn. Please help keep the park looking clean and do not throw cigarette butts into the landscaping.

What are the age restrictions to enter the waterpark?

Guests 13 years of age or older may enter the facility without adult supervision.

Guests under the age of 13 must be accompanied by a chaperone 18 years of age or older to enter the facility.

What forms of payment does the waterpark accept?

You can purchase admission and concessions with cash, debit cards, and the following credit cards: American Express, VISA, Discover and MasterCard.

How much does it cost to park?

Parking is FREE. Our parking lot is located next to the entrance of the Water Park.  We also have spill over parking located on the opposite side of Ruhnke Street.

How much do water diapers cost?

Reusable water diapers are $6 each including tax. Reusable Water Diaper is included in the cost of child admission (1-12 yrs old) if needed/requested.

How do I market or promote my business, organization or event?

Simply write an email to explaining what you want to do.

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Is there a diving area at your facility?

As part of our Aquatic Athletic Center we have 2 diving boards. The 1 meter diving board is open to the public and our 3 meter diving board is open to diving clubs under the direction of a certified coach. For information and usage of the 3 meter diving board, contact Sailfish Splash Waterpark by email, or by phone (772) 320-3100.

What temperature are your pools?

The 50-Meter competitive pool temperature range is between 77 and 80 degrees. The temperature of the 25 yard, learn to swim pool is 80 to 84 degrees. Other pools and lazy river temperature varies due to weather conditions.

Do season pass holders get early admission to the waterpark?

Yes, Season Pass Holders benefit from early admission to the Waterpark at 10:00 a.m. to play in our interactive splash playground and water slides only (Lazy River will open at 10:30 a.m.)

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