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If you are interested in presenting an event at the Library, please review Martin County Library System’s Vision and Mission and the information below. Please submit an event proposal and a representative will contact you if the program meets our guidelines and fits into our schedule and budget. Please note: We receive hundreds of offers for events, so we are not able to respond to each one. If we select your proposal, then we will contact you.

Scheduling Timeline

The schedule for internal planning and publicity for Library events is established at least two (2) months prior to the event date. Finalized events have to be submitted before the 15th of the month two (2) months prior to the event date. For example, Library staff submits finalized events for April publication on or before February 15. Please be aware of these deadlines when proposing your event.

Event Publicity

Events may appear in the Library's online event calendar, press releases, branch flyers, Library's newsletters, and/or social media. If you have any non-returnable brochures, photographs, publicity, or other materials about your organization or event, please mail them to:

Literacy Education & Outreach Manager
Blake Library
2351 SE Monterey Road
Stuart, FL 34996

Payment Policy

Martin County Library System’s events are funded by the Friends of the Martin County Library System or The Library Foundation of Martin County. Terms of payment are within 30 days from the completion date of the program. Your check will be mailed to you within 30 days after the completion of your program, upon receipt of your signed contract and IRS Form W-9.

Event Content

The Library expects that performers and musicians will obtain any necessary copyright permission and/or license for any non-original works used for any library program. This includes works performed live and/or use of recorded music.

Communicating with Staff

If selected to perform, a copy of your event contract/confirmation letter is sent to your library staff contact. The contract/letter will confirm the date and time of the event, the location, what time you are expected to arrive, who you should ask for, and list the room and equipment needs for your program.

If you need to talk to your staff contact, refer to your event contract/confirmation letter. The name and telephone number are listed.