photo of slide negatives, hand-written notes, and projector

The idea {memory} lab at Blake Library offers a variety of digitization equipment to help you preserve your memories for generations yet to come.

This do-it-yourself lab gives our community the space and equipment for digitizing various audio/visual media formats, as well as scanning documents, slides, and negatives.

All equipment is available to use at the Blake Library during open hours on a first-come, first-served basis.

Most equipment is also available for checkout (14 days, up to five renewals, from any branch location). Depending on what media format you're hoping to digitize, different equipment and transfer storage is required.

Epson V800 Perfection Photo Color Scanner (with Adobe Photoshop):

  • Converts 35mm slides, 35mm film strips, medium format film, 4x5” film, and photographs up to 8.5x11.7”
  • Bring a USB or external hard drive to save your content, or save it to the cloud
  • For in-library use only

Funai VHS to DVD Converter:

  • Transfers, or “dubs”, your VHS tapes to DVD discs.
  • Bring blank DVD-RW/-R discs.
    • Note: This machine cannot record on DVD+RW/+R.
  • Also available for 14-day checkout with a signed Borrowing Agreement on file.

Elgato Video Capture:

  • The Elgato Video Capture transfers analog video (VCR or camcorder, eg) to your computer
  • Requires additional items
    • Computer with installed Elgato software, available for free download here
    • Playback device, eg VCR or camcorder
  • Also available for 14-day checkout with a signed Borrowing Agreement on file.

ION Tape2Go Audio Cassette Converter:

  • The ION Tape2Go Audio Cassette Converter transfers cassette tapes into digital music files to play on your computer or mobile device

You will also need:

ION Vinyl Record Converter:

  • The ION Profile LP Vinyl Record Converter converts vinyl records into digital music files to play on your computer or mobile device

You will also need:

Frequently Asked Questions

Need help getting started? Just ask. We can set up an appointment for you to sit down with someone to show you the ropes. View some of our frequently asked questions below. 

All equipment has step-by-step instructions and a user guide. Attending an idea {memory} lab orientation session is strongly encouraged for first-time visitors, called Digitize Your Life! You can also request a one-on-one Tech Time appointment for specific questions.

Yes, you will need a library card to use the idea {memory} lab equipment. If you’re a guest from out of town, we can give you a library card to give you access to the Library’s in-house equipment.

No, all library equipment is available on a first come, first served basis. When using equipment in the Library, you have a guarantee of 3 hours. If no one is waiting, you can continue to use the equipment.

Bring a USB or external hard drive to save your content, or save it on cloud storage. For transferring video formats, at least 4GB for every 1 hour of video is recommended.

When digitizing video and audio, allow enough time for the entire movie or album to play. The digitization (transfer) occurs in real time and requires extra time to finalize, so allow between 1-1.5x the time of the original media.