The Martin County Special Needs Registry and Evacuation Transportation Assistance Program is designed to assist those with special medical, transportation or mobility considerations during disaster situations.

This assistance may include sheltering at a general shelter, or a special needs shelter that includes limited medical oversight and needs such as oxygen, as well as evacuation transportation to and from the shelter.

The program also provides for citizens in need of transportation due to economic difficulties, a disability, or lack of transportation from their home to a shelter.

When evacuation orders are issued within the county, registrants are contacted and advised when transportation will arrive to pick them up from a home and take them to a shelter.

Residents must PRE-REGISTER and must RENEW each year.

Who is Eligible?

  • Martin County residents requiring transportation to and from a designated emergency shelter;
  • Residents residing in an ordered evacuation area, recommended evacuation area, or unsafe residence (mobile/manufactured home), or;
  • Residents requiring, within the limits of services provided, assistance with mobility, oxygen, routine medication administration, and/or routine health monitoring.

Special needs shelters are not able to provide enhanced medical care. Residents requiring greater levels of assistance such as a hospital bed, hemodialysis, life support equipment, IV chemotherapy, full ventilator, etc. must make alternative plans with the assistance of a physician or health care professional.

How to Register

A committee reviews each application and determines eligibility of the applicant. Individuals with medical needs that exceed the level of care available at the special needs shelter need to have a care plan in place to address their individual needs during an emergency situation.

Individuals with no medical needs who just require transportation during evacuation orders will be transported to a general population shelter.

For Special Needs Clients with Pets:

Due to health concerns, pets are NOT allowed in special needs shelters. We ask that you develop a plan for your pet and make prior arrangements for sheltering your pet during an emergency.

Martin County partners with the Humane Society of the Treasure Coast (HSTC) which will take in and care for domestic pets. Please visit hstc1.org or call the HSTC at (772) 223-8822 to request a pet shelter registration form or to obtain additional information.


If you have additional questions about the Special Needs Registry and Evacuation Transportation Assistance Program, select the "Contact Us" button below to submit an inquiry, or call Martin County Emergency Management at (772) 287-1652.