A proclamation, signed by all members of the Martin County Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) and sealed by the Clerk of the Circuit Court, is a document of goodwill used to recognize a group, organization or an event. All proclamations are strictly honorary and are not legally binding.

Proclamations must be specific to Martin County, Florida. Individuals requesting proclamations must be clearly associated with the entity, person or subject matter being honored. Proclamations and presentations must be of significance, interest or relevance to Martin County residents, businesses, initiatives or programs.

Proclamations can be issued for:

  • Matters of public awareness about an issue for a community organization

  • Cultural or historical occasions

  • A commemoration of a specific accomplishment, time, period or event that impacts a large number of County residents

  • A Martin County resident celebrating a centennial (100th) birthday

  • Martin County Eagle Scout and Gold Award recognitions

Proclamations can’t be issued for:

  • Events or organizations with no direct relationship to Martin County

  • Campaigns or events contrary to Martin County policy or the wellbeing of its citizens

  • Anything that may suggest an official county position on a matter under consideration

  • Individual recognitions or milestones, with the exceptions of centennial birthdays and Eagle Scout and Gold Award recognitions

Proclamations that recognize a for profit business must be requested by a member of the Board of County Commissioners.

* Martin County reserves the right to edit, modify or deny any proclamation request.

Proclamation presentations typically occur at the beginning of a regular Martin County Board of County Commissioners meeting, which occur on scheduled Tuesdays at 9 a.m. Typically, there are two meetings per month, but you can refer to the BOCC Meeting Schedule. Meetings are held in the first floor Commission Chambers, located at:

Martin County Administrative Center
2401 SE Monterey Road
Stuart, FL 34996

A Consent Agenda Item is prepared by Administration for inclusion on the agenda for an upcoming meeting so the proclamation can be approved for presentation at the next regular meeting.

At the next meeting, the signed and sealed proclamation will be presented by the Commission Chair or designee, and the requestor or recipient will have up to three minutes to speak, if desired. There will also be a photo opportunity with the Commission Chair.

If no formal presentation is requested, county staff will arrange for the document to be sent to your physical address once approved, signed and sealed.

A request for a proclamation may come from a member of the Board, County Administration or the public.

Plan ahead! Proclamations must be requested at least 6-8 weeks prior to the desired presentation date. The number of proclamations that can be presented during a board meeting is limited to four, unless approved by the Commission Chair. Proclamation requests are handled on a first-come, first-served basis, so submit requests early. | BOCC Meeting Schedule

Proclamations may be requested by completing the form on this webpage. Once received, a staff member will be in contact to complete the process. Proclamations issued in previous years, or those that occur annually, will not be automatically re-issued; a new request form must be submitted and approved.