No Rainchecks, No Refunds

Sailfish Splash Waterpark does NOT provide rain checks or refunds if the park closes due to inclement weather, mechanical difficulties, health and safety reasons, poor attendance, or other unforeseen conditions unless visitor protection has been purchased.

Visit Protection

In the event of an unplanned closure, patrons who purchased “Visit Protection” may take advantage of the benefit at the discretion of the facility manager or if the duration of the closure concludes the day’s public hours of operation or lasts more than 20 minutes.

To be valid, visit protection must be purchased at the admission windows before entering the facility - this also applies to day passes purchased online. To claim visit protection passes, customers must request them at the admission windows before leaving the facility on the day of the unexpected closure. Visitor protection passes must be used in the same season they were purchased.

Inclement Weather & Unexpected Closures

Sailfish Splash Waterpark may close due to inclement weather, mechanical difficulties, health and safety reasons, poor attendance, or other unforeseen conditions.

Sailfish Splash Waterpark has a lightning detection system. If lightning is detected within 10 miles of the facility, the detection system’s air horn will sound and trigger a park closure. All patrons will be required to exit the facility and return to their vehicles until the system air horn sounds the all-clear.  If the system does not clear within 60 minutes, the park will shut down for the day. Other attraction or facility closures may occur as a result of maintenance, health, or weather advisories.  

If the weather forecast predicts the following, the waterpark will not operate due to unsafe conditions, or these weather conditions may have a significant negative impact on the customer’s experience:

  • The forecasted daytime high temperature is predicted to be less than 75 degrees.
  • A wind advisory is in effect, with wind conditions expected to reach tropical storm strength of 35 mph or greater.
  • A tropical storm or hurricane warning is in effect.
  • Thunderstorm activity is predicted to be greater than 80% and a direct threat to the waterpark for more than 3 hours in a given operating day.

The website is updated to alert patrons of any park closures.

Sailfish Splash Waterpark
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