Frequent asked library questions answered:


The Martin County Library has a collection of over 300,000 items in a variety of formats and for a wide range of age levels.

Our collection consists of:

  • Books in the following categories
    • Fiction (including Mysteries, Science Fiction, Westerns, and Paperbacks)
    • Nonfiction
    • Biographies
  • Children's Books (including Easy Books for young children and Juvenile Fiction and Nonfiction)
  • Young Adult Books
  • Large Print Books
  • Reference Books
  • Florida Books
  • Genealogy Books
  • Foreign Language Books
  • Grants Books
  • Books on CD
  • Talking Books (for the visually impaired)
  • DVD's (Nonfiction and films)
  • Music CD's
  • Magazines
  • Newspapers
  • Microfilm
  • Maps and Charts
  • Laptops
  • Tablets
  • Cameras
  • Kits for book clubs, story time, literacy, GED, and STEM 


All branches provide access to the library catalog, Internet access (Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome), Microsoft Office 365 (Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Publisher) and Library Online Resources. Windows and Apple-Macintosh computers are available and accessibility settings and devices can be provided upon request.

A Martin County library card is required to use the library's internet computers. Martin County residents and property owners can obtain a library card at any branch. These computers receive heavy use and therefore there is a 45-minute time limit on them if others are waiting.

No sign-in is required to use the library's dedicated catalog/database computers. Sign-in for the public computers with internet access and Microsoft Office can be done with a library card through the library's PC Reservation System. People who do not have a library card have the option of using the library's 15-minute Express PC's.

To sign in through the PC Reservation system, the patron scans the barcode on the back of their library card at the PC Reservation station and receives a receipt that tells which computer they have been assigned to, the time when the computer is open and a temporary PIN number to unlock the computer.

The patron then goes to their assigned computer, types in the PIN number and receives a 45-minute session. If the computer listed on your receipt is available, you can sign-in to it immediately. If the computer listed on your receipt is in use, it will be available for you at the time printed on your receipt.

You have five minutes to sign in to your computer from the time printed on the receipt. If you have not signed in within the five minutes, your session will be cancelled and you will need to sign in for a new session. There is a limit of two computer sessions per day.

Patrons also have the option to choose their available computer by typing in their card number on the Available computer's screen.

The time limit on the public internet computers is 45 minutes. When you sign in to the computer, a clock will be displayed on the screen showing the time remaining in your session. If there is someone waiting for your computer, your session will end after 45 minutes. You will receive warnings at five minutes and one minute before your session ends so you have an opportunity to save or print any work. If there are other computers available, the PC Reservation system will extend the 45-minute session for another 15 minutes when it gets to the five-minute point. The computer will continue to extend the session as long as there are computers available. The time limit on the Express PC's is 15 minutes.

At least one Express PC is available at all branches. These are intended for people who just need a short session to check something on the internet, send an email, or print a document. No library card is required to use an Express PC, patrons can just sign in using their initials to access these computers and they will be given a 15-minute session which cannot be extended.

Consumer Reports

Yes, all library branches carry Consumer Reports magazine. Each issue has a one-year index in the back and the annual buying guide includes a four-year index. April is the annual automobile issue.

Donating Materials

Yes, the Library accepts donations of recent books, audio books, music CDs, DVDs, VHS tapes and other audio/visual materials. Donations in quantities larger then may be carried by the donor should be delivered to the Friends Book Depot.

  • Donations should be clean, without odor or stains and in good condition.
  • Local history materials from the Martin County and Treasure Coast areas are welcome, as are foreign language materials.
  • Donations in quantities larger then may be carried by the donor should be delivered to the Friends Book Depot.
  • Small quantities of donations that can be carried by the donor may be received at any branch library.
  • All gifts are inspected by staff for odor, water damage, wear, and age.
  • Appropriate material may be added to the collection, put in the book sale or, if not in acceptable condition, discarded.
  • If desired, the donor can receive a written acknowledgment of the gift if the materials are added to the collection. If the patron wishes to receive such an acknowledgment, he/she should leave name and address and number of books donated. Library staff will not appraise the books or indicate a value in the acknowledgment letter.
  • When gift items are withdrawn from the collection, the Library will not notify the donor of the withdrawal. The Library will not automatically replace worn-out or lost gift items.

Items not accepted include donations of:

  • Old newspapers
  • Magazines or periodicals
  • Textbooks or encyclopedias.
  • National Geographic will be accepted as needed, but, in general, the patron should be encouraged to donate such items to schools.
  • The Library does not pick up gifts or pay transportation costs for gift items.


Yes, the Blake Library has a genealogy room which houses a collection of genealogy books and CD-ROMs. The genealogy room has two (2) computers providing access to the Ancestry Library Edition database.

Volunteers from the Martin County Genealogical Society are usually in the room to assist. More information on the Martin County Genealogical Society can be found at their website.


The Blake Library has a microfilm reader/printer that can read both microfilm and microfiche. Pages can be printed at $.10/page.

  • Stuart News 1925–2018
  • Stuart Messenger 1913–1925
  • South Florida Developer 1925–1931
  • Jensen Beach Mirror 1961–1985


The Library carries many newspapers and many are available at the Blake library. 

  • Stuart News - daily & Sunday
  • Palm Beach Post - daily & Sunday
  • New York Times - daily & Sunday
  • Wall Street Journal - daily
  • USA Today - daily
  • Investor's Business Daily - daily
  • Barrons - weekly
  • South Florida Business Journal - weekly


Yes, you can print from the library computers and from home, the charge is $.10/page for black and white prints or $1.00 page for color prints. After print jobs are sent from a library computer, they are held in queue at a print release station. To claim your print job, you need to click on it at the print release station and deposit money into the coin machine next to it (the machine can take credit/debit cards, nickels, dimes, quarters or $1 and $5 bills and gives change).


The Martin County Library public computers have many various software programs installed for patron usage:

  • Internet Explorer and Chrome browsers
  • Microsoft Office 2010 including the following Microsoft programs:
  • Word
  • Excel
  • Access
  • PowerPoint
  • Publisher
  • Windows Media Player and Adobe Reader

Files can be saved temporarily on the library computers only until your computer session ends and then all files will be erased. You cannot install your own software on the library computers and the library does not have any software that can be copied or checked out.