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About the Utilities & Solid Waste Department

About the Utilities & Solid Waste Department
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Provide sustainable and safe drinking water, collect and treat wastewater, and provide outstanding solid waste services.


Martin County Utilities is a regional water and wastewater utility that provides service to unincorporated Martin County, the Town of Sewall's Point, and Ocean Breeze. Utilities also provides reuse (irrigation quality) water to local golf courses and residential subdivisions within the County. Utilities currently treats on average 9 million gallons of water a day from 35 surficial and 4 floridan wells. 

The Martin County water system is interconnected between the Tropical Farms and North County water plants. Water treated at these plants is a combination of lime softening and reverse osmosis. The treatment process for both water, wastewater, and irrigation quality (reuse) water meets all of the requirements established by the federal, state, and local regulatory agencies.

Martin County Solid Waste provides safe and sanitary waste disposal for the residents of Martin County. It also provides efficient and cost effective solid waste collection services to all residents and businesses of unincorporated county areas and recycling collection services to single and multi-family units countywide. 

Solid Waste assures compliance with local, state, and federal environmental regulations and helps divert hazardous waste from landfill disposal by educating residents and commercial entities on proper disposal and by providing opportunities for proper disposal of hazardous waste.