Every 7 years the state requires that all municipalities and local governments update their comprehensive plans to, at a minimum, reflect recent legislative changes. In addition, the EAR process is also an opportunity to address community concerns and desires within the comprehensive plan.


  • Review changes to state statutes over the last 7 years
  • Compare Florida statute changes with the 19 chapters of the Comprehensive Plan
  • Identify areas within the Comprehensive Plan where updates might be needed (I.e. references to Indiantown)
  • Notify the State of Florida of the County’s intent to develop EAR and potential changes


  • Growth Management Department reviews required Florida Statute changes to Martin County Comprehensive Plan
  • Comprehensively evaluate and, as necessary, update comprehensive plans to reflect changes in local conditions
    • Items discussed and identified in the EAR process may or may not result in changes to the Comprehensive Plan
    • If there are recommended / required changes to the Comprehensive Plan, those will have their own required public hearings
  • Conduct public outreach 
    • Treasure Coast Regional Planning Council (TCRPC) conducted 29 individual interviews
    • August 29, 2023: TCRPC & Martin County host EAR Workshop
    • September 1, 2023: TCRPC & Martin County launch Community Survey
    • December 31, 2023: Survey closes
    • January 18, 2024: TCRPC & Martin County host EAR Workshop