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County Surplus Real Property for Sale

The Martin County Real Property Division is periodically responsible for identifying and coordinating county-owned surplus real property. Real Property coordinates with other county departments and prepares the list of proposed property to be disposed of.

Once each department responds that there is no identified public use for the property, the list is presented to the Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) for approval. If the BOCC approves items on the list, staff will begin the process towards disposal of the county-owned properties through the bidding process, which is managed by the county’s Purchasing Department.

Any available surplus real property available for bid will be listed on the DemandStar website via the button below. Interested parties will need to register with DemandStar to view property available for bid. Once a successful bid has been awarded, the Real Property Division will guide the highest bidder through the process to closing.


If you have questions about this process, please contact the Real Property Division at (772) 221-2354, or select the "Request Help or Information" button.

County Owned Property

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