All residential gated communities, subdivisions, or developments within Martin County where fire, rescue, emergency medical services and fire prevention services are provided through one or more gates that are not manned 24/7/365, are REQUIRED to have Click2Enter remote access system and a Knox gate key switch to allow emergency access to the community, subdivision or development by emergency first responders.

The systems shall simultaneously open all gates and/or traffic arms for the first responder access lane. The gates and/or traffic arms shall remain open until restored by the emergency first responder. If at any time the primary or secondary access system is not functioning, the gate(s) / traffic arm(s) shall be left in the open position until such time that they are repaired.

The radio activated remote access system must be approved by the Fire Marshall prior to installation and then inspected by the Martin County Fire Rescue Department after installation. All gated communities must be compliant by March 22, 2025, unless gates are manned 24/7/365.

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All gated communities must be compliant by 3/22/2025 (unless gates are manned, 24/7/365.)

Yes, the ordinance requires the electric gate switch (Knox) as a backup option.

For existing properties, start with your current gate service provider. There are many licensed, electric gate service providers at your disposal through a quick internet search.

Martin County Fire Rescue recommends a minimum of 1-minute opening cycle, to allow our apparatus adequate time to safely enter the property.

Yes, all primary entrance/access gates will be required to have Click2enter and a Knox gate key switch.


Knox Rapid Entry System

A key box, called a "Knox Box," or a padlock is required where access to a structure or an area is difficult or where immediate access is necessary for lifesaving or firefighting purposes. The Knox Box Rapid Entry System is a secure method of providing first responders instant access to your building or property during an emergency. 

Martin County Fire Rescue uses the various Knox key boxes, vaults, padlocks and key switches to allow immediate entry into building and property without forced entry damage or delay.

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If you have any additional questions about Click2Enter and/or Knox Box requirements, please contact Martin County Fire Prevention.

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