About Reclaimed Water

Water reuse involves taking domestic wastewater, giving it a high degree of treatment, and then using the resulting high-quality reclaimed water for a new, beneficial purpose (typically irrigation). The recipients of this water may be golf courses, commercial and residential landscape, or other users like parks. Learn more about reclaimed water in the frequently asked questions below. 

Water is a limited resource. Our drinking water comes from both deep and shallow aquifers. Without proper management, the aquifers can become stressed. This can impact the quality and quantity of our source water. With increases in population, coupled with higher demands for irrigation and industry, we must strike a delicate balance between withdrawing and recharging the source water. An additional benefit is that reclaimed water, as an alternative irrigation water source, is not restricted during droughts in the same manner as potable or well water.

Extensive treatment and disinfection ensure that public health and environmental quality are protected. The water is continuously monitored and tested regularly as required by Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP).

We achieve water quality that approaches or meets many of the standards for drinking water. Finally, there is no known risk to human health from contact with reclaimed water when used for its intended purpose.

A hand holding reclaimed water in a glass

Absolutely. During the past 20 years, Florida has become a leader in water reuse. There has been a significant increase of reclaimed water usage, and this reuse water has been an important component of water resources and wastewater management for the entire state.

Reclaimed water signage in a lake

Martin County is doing our part for The State of Florida. We have 23 customers that collectively receive about 75 million gallons per month! We currently recycle more than half of all the wastewater that enters our treatment plants. But we can do better. Our goal is continuous improvement. We’re always looking for new and innovative ways to improve our output, efficiency, and customer service.

  • Do not drink or cook with reclaimed water.
  • Do not connect any pipes to reclaimed water/irrigation pipes.
  • Do not use reclaimed water to fill swimming pools, hot tubs, or wading pools.
  • Do not use reclaimed water to irrigate edible crops (e.g. vegetables or fruits) that WILL NOT be peeled, skinned, or cooked before being eaten.


For more information contact Martin County Utilities at (772) 221-1434.