This page is intended to be a guide and may not contain all requirements needed to obtain permits and approval from Martin County Fire Rescue/Fire Prevention. 


Martin County Fire Prevention is responsible for issuing a variety of permits within the unincorporated Martin County service area.

Fire Permit Process

A fire permit is approval to repair, install, modify and remove fire protection systems such as:

  • Fire alarms
  • Bi-Directional Amplifier (BDA) systems
  • Water-based automatic suppression systems
  • Underground mains serving hydrants and/or automatic fire sprinklers
  • Chemical and gaseous agent extinguishing systems
  • Installation and removal of aboveground and underground tanks used for flammable or combustible liquid
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A Martin County business license is required for all contractors doing business within the county (excluding City of Stuart and Sewall's Point). All state licensed contractors must register with the Martin County Building Department.

Scope of Work

License Required

Automatic sprinkler systems

- Fire Contractor I or II

Automatic sprinkler systems installed in one- and two-family detached dwellings

- Fire Contractor I, II or IV

Underground mains dedicated to fire protection systems only; including hydrants

- Fire Contractor I, II or V

Underground mains serving combined fire and domestic systems

- Fire Contractor I, II or V,
- Underground Utility Contractor (CU), or 
- Excavation Contractor (RU)

Gaseous, foam or chemical extinguishing systems

- Fire Contractor Ill

Pre-engineered systems

- Fire Equipment Dealer


The Florida State Fire Marshal issues the following licenses:

  • Fire Contractor 1-V 
  • Fire Equipment Dealer

The Florida Department of Business Regulation (DBPR) issues the following licenses:

  • Electrical Contractor (EC)
  • Alarm Systems Contractor (EF)
  • General Contractor (GC)
  • Pollutant Storage Systems Contractor (PC)
  • Underground Utility Contractor (CU)
  • Excavation Contractor (RU)
  • FCC Licensed for BDA

For additional information on Martin County contractor licenses, please contact:

Martin County Building Department
900 SE Ruhnke Street
Stuart, FL 34994
(772) 288-5482

Complete an online registration in Martin County's online permit system, then complete a fire permit application with digital shop drawings and related fees.

  • Reference to the Florida Fire Prevention Code and appropriate National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) codes and editions
  • Manufacturer product literature for all materials
  • For installation of fire alarms, provide plans and battery calculations in accordance with NFPA 72
  • For fire sprinkler systems, include hydraulic calculations in accordance with NFPA 13
  • For above/underground tanks, show the manufacturer's specification and listing for the tank, location, distance to buildings, buoyancy calculations, tie-downs and spill containment method in accordance with NFPA 30
  • For chemical suppression systems, indicate pipe sizes, plenum nozzle coverage, flow point information and location of remote pull station
  • For gaseous suppression agents, indicate the agent type and quantity, the description of hazard and application type, and the design concentration and calculations

The Florida Building Code, Section 105 requires that during Building Permit application, plans for fire sprinkler installations involving 50 or more heads and fire alarm installations with a cost greater than $5,000 be signed and sealed from a registered professional engineer. Otherwise, a licensed Fire Contractor or Electrical Contractor can design and create the plans. If installations are not associated with a building permit but involve a fire sprinkler system involving 50 or more heads or fire alarm installations with a cost greater than $5,000, one set of signed and sealed drawings by the installing contractor is needed.

Currently, the initial review will be completed within 15 working days of submittal. Every effort will be made to complete the review as quickly as possible.

When the plans reviewer has completed each review, you will receive an email showing the review activities and conditions. To obtain plan review status, please access the online permit system, or call Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., (772) 288-5633.

Plan revisions may not be submitted until all disciplines have completed their plan reviews. Turnaround time for revision review is dependent on the scope of the changes. All revisions should be accompanied with a written narrative describing the changes, and the changes need to be clearly identified on the plans (e.g. revision clouds).

Commercial and residential fee schedules are available in our office or on this web page.

The permit fee is due at application.

The following types of inspections are offered for fire permits:

  • Alarm rough / final / BDA acceptance
  • Underground rough / hydro / final
  • Sprinkler rough / hydro / final
  • Final (flush)
  • Hydrant flow
  • Fire pump
  • Chemical / gaseous agent
  • Fuel tank

To schedule an inspection:

Select the "apply for a fire permit" button on this webpage to access our online permit system, or call (772) 288-5633.

Other Activities that Require a Permit

In addition to the items identified above, Martin County Fire Prevention also processes other types of fire and life safety-related activities that require a fire permit.

Burning is permitted only on days when open burning is permitted.

For debris piles 8' x 8' or less, please contact the closest Martin County Fire Station and they will issue a burn permit. If you have questions, please call (772) 288-5633.

View Open Burn Guidelines

For debris piles that are larger than 8' x 8', please contact the Florida Forest Service at (863) 467-3221 or visit their website.

This is not a permit; it is a request for an inspection of facilities such as day care facilities, assisted living facilities, foster homes, sober homes and adult group homes.

The customer can create an online account, request an inspection and submit payment electronically in Martin County's online permit system.

Once payment is received an inspection can be scheduled. A copy of the inspection results, along with a receipt of payment, will be given to the customer. 

This is a permit required for all special events and events using pyrotechnics, special effects or flame effects.

An application, along with electronic payment, can be completed in Martin County's online permit system via the "apply for a fire permit" button on this web page.

A copy of the inspection request, along with receipt of payment, will be given to the customer at time of inspection. Please call to schedule an inspection.

This permit is required for temporary assembly in any building or room over 900 square feet (including outside tents) for the purpose of putting on a show, exposition, dance, dinner or any other reason in which partitions, curtains, tables and/or chairs will be arranged.

An application, along with electronic payment, can be completed in Martin County's online permit system via the "apply for a fire permit" button on this web page.

Martin County Fire Rescue Fire Prevention will process the application. After processing, a copy of the inspection request, with receipt of payment, will be given to the customer at time of inspection.

This permit is needed for every installation of fuel tanks, or modification of existing fuel capacity, removal, abandonment, de-fueling or slurry fill of storage tanks.

This permit is also required for the storage, use, handling or transportation of flammable-combustible liquids or hazardous material.

An application is completed and submitted to the Martin County Building Department. After processing, the customer must schedule an inspection. A copy of the inspection results will be provided to the customer.

Contact Us

If you have any additional questions about fire permits, or to obtain plan review status, schedule/cancel an inspection, and/or obtain inspection results, please contact Martin County Fire Prevention.

Martin County Fire Prevention
Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

800 SE Monterey Road
Stuart, Florida, 34994
(772) 288-5633