Martin County Parks and Recreation offers residents a variety of athletic fields and facilities that are available to reserve for individuals, leagues, tournaments, company picnics, sporting events, etc. Fields, court, and a rink are available for football, baseball, soccer, tennis, pickleball, hockey, lacrosse and more.

Field Availability:
For a list of all available athletic facilities to reserve within Martin County, their locations and available amenities, please select the "Athletic Facility Amenities" button on this page.

Rental Fees:
Fees vary depending on the specific use (length of rental, additional lighting, game vs. practice, field lining, etc.) Please select the "Athletic Facility Fees" button on this page for specific pricing information.

Reserve a Field:
To reserve an athletic field, court or rink at a Martin County park for a game, practice or season and to begin the permitting process, contact Martin County Parks and Recreation via the "Contact Us" button below or by calling (772) 221-1419.


The Sports/Athletics Recreation Coordinator will generate and issue a park permit that must be completed for all reservations not included in a Youth Sports Provider Agreement or other annual contract.

Permit requests must be submitted to the Parks and Recreation Department 30 days prior to an activity (exceptions may apply).

Please call Martin County Parks and Recreation at (772) 221-1419.

The first priority in scheduling a  facility is for recreation play. To ensure the needs of all County residents are met, Martin County Parks and Recreation will use the following priorities in the issuance of field use permits.

  1. Martin County Parks and Recreation Department operated or contracted programs
  2. Youth Sports Providers with approved Agreement
  3. Youth, non-profit organizations offering one recreational sport
  4. Youth non-profit travel sports programs
  5. Public School programs
  6. Private School programs
  7. Independent sports teams/travel/club/for profit or coaches (subject to rental requirements)

The Martin County Parks and Recreation Department requires all users of athletic facilities to provide Comprehensive Liability Insurance with $1,000,000 liability limits and naming Martin County Board of County Commissioners, 2401 SE Monterey Road, Stuart, Florida 34996 as additionally insured.

Providing liability insurance is not required for programs operated by the Parks and Recreation Department or single use athletic facility rentals by individuals not associated with a User group so long as the group does not exceed 15 individuals.

Accident insurance is required for all youth leagues utilizing athletic facilities. Accident insurance for adult leagues not sponsored or under the direction of the Martin County Parks and Recreation Department is also recommended for all players on roster.

Lighting is included in the fees schedule (see Fees) for those reservations where lighting is needed.

The Parks and Recreation Department secures certain athletic fields due to the excessive non-reserved play that takes place on those fields causing undue wear and tear on the fields. 

Pets are not permitted on athletic facilities. Pets are permitted in the surrounding park areas and must be on a leash. Owners must pick up pet waste.

Alcohol consumption is not permitted on athletic fields unless an approved permit is issued by the county.

Be sure that you have your permit with you. The facility use permit shows that you have permission to use the facility for the stated time and date. If you have any problems, please contact (771) 221-1419.

For Special Events, please contact the Martin County Parks and Recreation department at (772) 221-1418.

Yes, a permit is required to operate all types of instruction at Martin County Parks including, but not limited to classes, clinics, training, seminars, etc. 

The Parks and Recreation Department will cancel or suspend field use whenever field conditions or weather conditions could result in damage to the fields or injury to players. Users can call the Sports and Athletics Coordinator, Monday through Friday at (772) 221-1419 during the hours of 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. to verify field status.

Only County equipment is permitted on athletic fields (i.e. tractors, utility vehicles, pin drags, and mat drags). Field alterations are prohibited (i.e. trenches or ditches for irrigation, addition of extra clay, sand or kitty litter) except as approved by Martin County Parks and Recreation staff.

 Please contact (772) 221-1419 for information on available open spots on teams. 

If the athletic field is not locked, a reservation is not required. For a list of those fields that are not locked and available for public use, please contact (772) 221-1419.

Please contact the Martin County Parks and Recreation department at (772) 221-1419.