Martin County’s Ecosystem Restoration and Management Division's mission is to preserve, restore, maintain and enhance Martin County’s environmental resources.

We meet these goals through restoration of native habitats, water quality improvement projects, and developing appropriate public access to conservation lands. 

What We Do

Martin County manages approximately 35,000 acres of environmentally sensitive lands. Our staff carries out quality projects that meet our community’s needs while also playing a vital role in support of improved public access to public lands and compliance with water quality requirements. The path forward includes continued progress on updating and implementing projects in the areas of water quality and ecological restoration.

Water Quality

Martin County is a leader in the development of water quality projects in our region. Maintaining and improving water quality is essential to protect public health, quality of life, fisheries, wildlife, and watersheds and to ensure abundant opportunities for public recreation and economic development.

Projects include:

  • Water quality projects in support of the St. Lucie Estuary and state-required water quality standards
  • County-wide stormwater and water quality assessments to identify and construct retrofits, septic-to-sewer and flood control projects necessary to meet Martin County’s water quality goals and state water quality standards
  • Compliance with Martin County’s National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit 
  • Complete regional restoration projects in support of Loxahatchee River restoration

Ecosystem Restoration

Ecological restoration is critically important to our community. With an innovative and progressive approach, staff works to connect residents and visitors with nature while restoring damaged ecosystems.

Projects include:

  • Management plans for all environmentally sensitive lands with an emphasis on restoration of native habitats including treatment of exotic vegetation and control of problematic exotic animals
  • Compliance with the land acquisition and grant commitments of Martin County conservation lands to improve natural resource protection on acquired environmentally sensitive lands 
  • Improved public access to public lands and compliance with water quality requirements
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