MCTV (Martin County Television) Information

Martin County Television (MCTV) is the official station for Martin County government. MCTV is available to Comcast subscribers within Martin County on channel 20 and to AT&T U-verse customers on channel 99. MCTV is also available online and on mobile devices via live-streaming or On Demand service. Click the "Video On Demand" button below to watch online or on mobile.

NOTICE: If you are using GOOGLE CHROME for your web browser, please make sure that your flash settings are set to "Allow sites to run flash." 


Click the "Scheduled Programs" button below to view the schedule. Click the "Watch Live" button to stream live MCTV programming. Click the "Video On Demand" button to select a program of your choice to watch online. You can also purchase copies of MCTV programs for a fee of $10 per DVD. Select the "Submit a Request for Help or Information" button to request a DVD copy of a MCTV program. Please include the name and date of the program in the description of the request.

Copies of MCTV Programs