Public Records Request

To submit a public records request, include all the information that has been indicated below so that your response can be handled as quickly and efficiently as possible. Use the 'Request for Help' button below to actually begin the request for your information.


Please provide the following details within the request: 

  • A means of contact, such as email, address or phone number.
  • Clear, concise description of the record(s) that you are seeking.
  • Beginning and ending dates, when appropriate.

Please note that should the request incur extensive use of information technology resources or clerical assistance by any department, charges may be imposed in accordance with section 119.07(4)(d), Florida Statutes. If so, you will be provided an estimate of cost, which will require your approval before producing the records. Once you approve, you will be contacted as soon as the requested records become available, and payment in full will be required prior to the release of the records. If the estimated total exceeds $200, a deposit for the estimate will be due prior to fulfillment of your request. To obtain public records without providing contact information, please call (772) 419-6959.

Public Records Request