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Artificial Reef Locations

With numerous thriving natural and artificial reefs along Martin County’s shores, the area truly lives up to its reputation as the “Treasure Coast.” Each reef offers a bounty of rich aquatic life, creating ideal locales for saltwater anglers and recreational divers. The offshore reefs are located within the Donaldson, Ernst, Sirotkin and South County Reef Sites. Each of these four permitted areas contain several artificial reefs which have been deployed over the years.

Martin County’s nearshore reef sites are located between the Stuart and Jensen Public Beaches. These three artificial reef sites were established in 2000, in order to provide mitigation for potential impacts to the nearshore reefs from the Hutchinson Island Beach Renourishment Project. Martin County’s Artificial Reef Program offers over ninety-five outstanding sites for fishing and dive exploration – and the number continues to grow.


View a map of Martin County's Arficifical Reef locations and the coordinates list below.