CodeRED Information

CodeRED is a free service provided by Martin County that allows Emergency Management personnel to send important public safety messages, evacuation notices and other timely warnings by phone, text, and/or email. Citizens and businesses are encouraged to use the sign-up feature where they are able to associate landline phones, cellular phones, and email addresses with a Martin County street address. CodeRED allows notifications as broad as all-county, and as narrow as targeted evacuation zones, or small neighborhoods threatened by wildfire, flooding and other public safety emergencies.

CodeRED uses a "short code” or a 5-digit number to send notifications. Designed to be easy to read and remember, this code is 76993. Residents who are already registered with CodeRED will need to update their phones with this new code. Newly registered residents are encouraged to program this number into their mobile phones as all CodeRED text messages and Weather Warning messages will come this number.


Select the "sign-up" button below to register for free. For questions regarding CodeRED, click Submit a Request for Help or Information.

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