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Precision Performance Putting Program

Image of golf balls on a putting green at Sailfish Sands Golf Course


Image of a golfer on a putting green at Sailfish Sands Golf Course

There are many reasons why most golfers never ascend to a higher putting level. Mostly because they don't know what, how, and when to practice.

The Precision Performance Putting Program addresses all aspects of how to putt, including the pre-shot routine, the mechanics of putting, how to visualize, the strategy of putting, putting under pressure, and how to use your post-shot routine to gather information that will help you become the best putter you can be.

You will learn how to improve your putting with a proven training program developed by two-time World Putting Championship Finalist, Will Reilly.

The Precision Performance Putting Program is a 4-lesson series, and each individual lesson is 1-hour long. Your progress will be evaluated on a session by session basis so you can measure your improvement.

Four-Part Putting Series

Lesson One: The Mystery in the Mechanics

Learn how mechanics affect your putting stroke, including the characteristics of your equipment, general address position, and stroke.

Lesson Two: How Your Mind Controls Physical Movement Through Visualizing

Begin to understand how past experiences can help you putt in the present and the future by simply accessing them through the visual experience.

Lesson Three: The Strategy of Putting

Learn how to improve by observing how the ball moves, knowing where to leave the ball if it should miss, and by watching other players in your group putt.

Lesson Four: Practicing with a Purpose

Learn how to use games and drills to improve your putting.

Pricing & Schedule


$280.00 for a 4-lesson program

Day & Time:

Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays at 8 AM


To check our Precision Performance Putting Program availability and to register, please contact us via the button below, or call us at (772) 320-3202.