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Pond next to Gold #2 on Sailfish Sands Golf Course

Course Policies

Pace of Play Policy

It is our goal at Sailfish Sands Golf Course to improve the pace of play on both golf courses during the winter season and make sure golfers have an enjoyable experience. Please help us by playing ready golf and by keeping up with the group in front of you.

The pace of play will be monitored in the Pro Shop, and players will be notified when they have fallen behind the pace of play. If the players cannot close the gap in front of them, they may be asked by the ranger to let others behind them play through.

If players still cannot maintain the pace of play after two notifications, they may be asked to come back at a time when the course is not as busy, and they can better enjoy their golfing experience.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please email us SailfishSands@martin.fl.us.

No-Show Policy

At Sailfish Sands Golf Course, you can reserve your tee times up to 7 days in advance. Please call as soon as possible if you or your group has a tee time and is not going to be able to play.

"No-Shows" will not be tolerated. Golfers who reserve tee times and do not show up will have their reservation privileges suspended. Repeat offenders will have their reservation privileges revoked.

Remember, these reservation options are a privilege and a service to you. Therefore, you are required to follow a few simple rules:

  • If you make a reservation for a foursome, we expect you to arrive with a foursome, not a threesome or twosome.
  • You are expected to cancel your reservation a minimum of 24 hours in advance.
  • If you need to cancel or change a reservation, please call the Pro Shop at 772-320-4653.

Dress Code

Appropriate golf attire is required. Must have a shirt on at all times. No tank tops, flip flops, or athletic shorts allowed.