Stories of Impact are opportunities to capture the moments that illustrate both our mission and vision.

What are Stories of Impact?

Stories of Impact record and promote how the library has informed, inspired, and connected individuals within the community. These stories document real-life narratives that show the value of the library and our impact on people’s lives. The Library is more than just a building containing a collection of information. It is an environment, a community of staff and patrons, who share, inform, collaborate, inspire and find resources to improve the lives of its members. Public services members play a crucial role in capturing these stories because of their daily face to face interactions with our patrons.

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Why do we do it?

The most effective tools to illustrate the library system’s diverse impact and human value to our residents are these stories. We capture the remarkable stories of inspiration to celebrate our work, support awareness campaigns, supplement statistics, encourage partnerships, develop marketing strategies, and add value to funding presentations.

“We would like to capture how the library has significantly changed your life.”

In order to better connect with our patrons, Martin County Library staff will proactively explore and solicit Stories of Impact among our patrons. These stories document how and why the library played a significant, life changing role in an individual’s life.


  • Celebrate our patrons and our excellent customer services
  • Document the human values that make our libraries essential
  • Demonstrate the essential qualities of libraries to stakeholders for the purpose of advocacy:
    • Taxpayers, legislators, funding agencies, etc.
  • Document and demonstrate ROI: Return On Investment
  • Exhibit enhanced, qualitative statistics