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Tent Permits and Inspections

The installation of all tents exceeding 900 square feet will require a permit and inspection for compliance by the Martin County Fire Prevention Bureau. 

A flame retardant certificate and site map are required

  • A flame retardant certificate certifies that a substance was applied to fabric, wood or other material in order to make it resistance to catching fire. 
  • The site map should indicate all tents, canopies, temporary structures, stages, grandstands, medical treatment areas, evacuation relocation areas, fire protection equipment, etc. Provide distances to nearby buildings, parking areas, and transportation routes (roads and driveways).

Please use the below checklist as a guide to outline requirements for a Tent Permit/Inspection. To apply for a permit, please use Martin County's Accela Citizen Access (ACA) portal via the "Online Permit System" button. Once you are on the Accela portal site, please select Fire Rescue. 

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