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Request Medical Records

Every person treated by Martin County Fire Rescue is entitled to their Medical Records. Reports are Public Record.

How to Request Medical Records: 

To obtain medical records, please complete the “Authorization for Release of PHI (Protected Health Information) form” below, then attach it to your request via the "Request for Help or Information" button. The authorization form may also be picked up at Fire Rescue Administration located at 800 SE Monterey Road in Stuart, or it may be sent via email.

All authorizations must be properly notarized or be accompanied with a legible copy of the requestor’s photo ID. If an attorney is requesting the records, MCFR still needs to have a PHI authorization form notarized or accompanied with a legible copy of a photo ID. All requests are processed in the order in which they are received, so it may be several weeks to receive your records.

Medical Report
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