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Mar 27

Literature & Poetry Series presented by Dr. Roderick C. Hofer

Developing Lives: Tactful Artistry in Three Stories by Alice Munro

Over sixty-odd years Alice Munro published more than a hundred short stories, a body of work that stands among the greatest literary achievements of the English language. Dr. Roderick Hofer will address her style and her mastery of narrative techniques, and he will identify some common themes in Munro’s stories: the demands of romantic and familial relationships, tensions within women’s private and public lives, and the relation between literacy and cognition. These discussions should lead to a just appreciation of Munro’s work and of the place of serious fiction among the experiences of a responsible mind. The March 27 topic is "Friend of My Youth" and the Motives of Imagination.

This Chautauqua South series is sponsored by the Friends of the Martin County Library System, Inc.

Robert Morgade Library Staff