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Aug 17

Library Board of Trustees Meeting

The Library Board of Trustees shall have the following duties, functions, and responsibilities: To serve in an advisory capacity to the Board of County Commissioners and the County Administration through the Library Director as follows:
(a)    Should the Library Director position become vacant, the County Administrator will provide the Trustees with the top three candidates being considered, their application and resumes. The County Administrator will solicit comments from the Trustees on each of the candidates and discuss possible rankings of the candidates prior to making a final determination. The final decision will be the responsibility of the County Administrator with confirmation by the Board of County Commissioners.
(b)    Develop library policy with the advice and counsel of the library director, especially concerning library hours, book selection, use of meeting rooms, etc.
(c)    Make continuing studies of all existing and future needs of the County in respect to public facilities and services. 
(d)    Review the financial position of the library system and make reports and submit recommendations regarding sound and feasible budget financing.
(e)    Keep constantly aware of public library standards, trends, regulations, and legislation.
(f)    Formulate or recommend actions to raise the quality of service and utilization of financial assistance from state, national, and other sources.

Flory Anzueto, Executive Aide