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Aug 15

Historic Preservation Board Meeting

Historic Preservation Board
1.    Recognize archaeological geo-environmental zones as identified on an Archaeological Survey of Martin County.
2.    Designate historic sites and districts pursuant to Section 4.584.
3.    Approve historical markers and issue certificates of designation.
4.    Establish procedures for the issuance of certificates of appropriateness and certificates to dig.
5.    Recommend zoning and building code amendments to the proper authorities.
6.    Promote an awareness of the benefits of historic preservation and its benefits to the community.
7.    Perform periodic updates to the historic archaeological survey.
8.    Perform periodic updates to the architectural survey.
9.    Record and maintain records of the HPB’s actions and decisions.
10.    Provide an annual report to the Board of County Commissioners.
11.    Review, develop, and recommend ordinances to the Board of County Commissioners that promote the preservation and rehabilitation of historic resources.
12.    Seek out worthy projects for matching grants in aid from sources which have as their purpose the preservation for public benefit of properties that are significant in American history, architecture, archaeology, and culture.
13.    Review applications for all buildings, properties, and site in unincorporated Martin County nominated for listing on the National Register of Historic Places.
14.    Establish criteria and procedures for the expedited review of certain projects by staff.
15.    Seek expertise on proposals or matters requiring evaluation by a professional or a discipline not represented on the HPB.
16.    Provide an annual budget to the Board of County Commissioners.
17.    Attend pertinent information or educational meetings, workshops and conferences.

Jordan Pastorius, Senior Program Manager