Tails and Tales Summer Reading: Honey Heist for kids



Tails and Tales Summer Reading: Honey Heist for kids

Your crew is planning the heist of the century. You have a complex plan that requires precise timing. Sadly, you are a freaking BEAR! Park Rangers have relocated all the beehives in town. You and your crew are planning to put a stop to this once and for all. 

Honey Heist is a surprisingly successful role-playing game. Players will take the role of bear bandits pulling off a heist. For the plan to succeed it will require imagination and cooperation. This event is for ages 6-13.

This event is sponsored by The Library Foundation of Martin County, Inc.

For the health and safety of all visitors, face coverings are required and a limited number of patrons will be admitted at a time to allow for 6-foot social distancing. Face coverings exemptions include children either under the age of six (6) or in the custody of a licensed childcare facility, including schools, summer camps and daycare centers. For more information please visit: https://www.martin.fl.us/Coronavirus#main-content

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