Value Adjustment Board Meeting

10:00 am
Christine Hunter, Official Records Division Manager
(772) 288-5555

Value Adjustment Board

The Board shall have the authority to meet for the following purposes: Hearing petitions relating to assessments filed pursuant to Section 194.011(3), Fla. Stat. Hearing complaints relating to homestead exemptions as provided for under Section 196.151, Fla. Stat. Hearing appeals from exemptions denied, or disputes arising from exemptions granted, upon the filing of exemption applications under Section 196.011, Fla. Stat. Hearing appeals concerning ad valorem tax deferrals, classifications. Hearing good cause hearings pursuant to the provisions of the Florida Administrative Code 12D-10.003(8). Ex Parte Contacts. For those actions of the Board which are quasi-judicial in nature, to ensure that the Board review process shall occur in an atmosphere free of bias or pressure, contacts by anyone outside of a Board meeting to members of the Board are prohibited. In the event that a Board member shall receive any written, oral, graphic, or communication of any kind or nature which may directly or indirectly influence the disposition of a quasi-judicial proceeding of the Board, such ex parte communication shall be forwarded to the Clerk of the Board to be included in the record of the Board proceedings.