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First Last Phone Job Title Departmentsort descending Email
Jennifer Salas 772 221-1410 Library Director Library SEND
Carol Ascari 772 288-5702 Library Specialist Library SEND
Philip Hackman 772 221-1412 Librarian I Library SEND
Ann Schreffler 772 463-2884 Library Branch Manager Library SEND
Peter & Julie Cummings Library Palm City 772-288-2551 Peter & Julie Cummings Library Library SEND
Janette Noe 772 219-4968 Collections Manager Library SEND
Dorene Resnik 772 597-4200 Library Specialist - Source 2 Library SEND
Lee Gorski 772 463-3245 Childrens Library Specialist Library SEND
Jamie Rowles 772 221-1402 Library Branch Manager Library SEND
Blake Library Stuart 772-288-5702 Blake Library Library SEND
Terry Dick 772 219-4906 Special Events Volunteer Manager Library SEND
Jessie Lowery 772 463-2870 Library Specialist Library SEND
Darlene Encomio 772 219-4908 Literacy Education Outreach Manager Library SEND
Patricia Riker 772 320-3036 Library Branch Manager Library SEND
Kim Nelson 772 546-2257 Library Specialist Library SEND
Moreen Curley 772-597-5702 Library Specialist Library SEND
Ashley Edwards 772 288-5702 Library Specialist Library SEND
Richard Reilly 772 219-4964 Deputy Library Director Library SEND
Catherine Yonta 772 546-2257 Library Specialist Library SEND
Iliana Finesilver 772 597-4200 Library Specialist Library SEND
Oral Durrant 772 288-5702 Computer Support Technician Library SEND

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