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Use the Agendas Search to view the action summaries, 'meeting minutes' and related documents associated with the various board and committee meetings. You can refine your search by filtering by the board committee name and/or date range. When using the specified dates or filter, and there are no results, please modify the filter criteria.  Documents on our website only go back 5 years.  If you want documents from previous years please submit a Public Record Request for that information

  • To view the Board of County Commissioner meeting minutes, click here: MCTV Video On Demand

  • To view the Rules of Procedure document used during County Commission meetings, click here.

Notice for Agenda Search users: Our document management system cycles through a continuous, automated publication schedule. Please be advised that there may be a brief delay in between the time a Draft Agenda is removed from the Martin County website and is replaced by the Final Agenda.