Martin County Shore Protection Project

4-Mile Renourishment Project Begins March 2018

Martin County has launched a shore protection project on Hutchinson Island in partnership with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ Jacksonville District. Great Lakes Dredge & Dock of Oak Brook, Illinois will begin to take offshore sand and place it on four miles of eroded shoreline. The project stretches from the Martin/St. Lucie County border to Stuart Beach.

The project will consist of placing nearly 400,000 cubic yards of sand on four miles of eroded beach, widening the beach berm and raising the elevation of the beach.

Designed to respond to the damages caused by Hurricane Matthew in 2016, the project will also repair erosion from Hurricane Irma and provide storm protection for the future. The project is part of the ongoing maintenance that supports Martin County’s successful storm protection program.

Martin County Ocean Rescue will be on-duty during the project, increasing the use of ATVs to manage the guarded area and constantly patrol the beach ensuring the safety of beach patrons and swimmers. During the project, small sections of the beach will be closed sequentially as the work progresses down the beach. Sections of the beach will be temporarily closed when construction is occurring.

A "Project Status Map" is available to find out which beach is closed during a particular time period. 

Funds from the Flood Control and Coastal Emergency Act, approved by Congress to repair damages from Hurricane Matthew, along with federal Shore Protection funds will reduce the local cost.