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December 05, 2019 at 09:46 AM

The Martin County Fire Prevention Bureau is responsible for a number of activities mandated by Florida law or administrative code. Fire Prevention staff perform both plan reviews and field inspections to determine fire code compliance for all construction activities involving both new and existing structures in the county.

The bureau also performs either scheduled or periodic fire safety inspections of all buildings in the county as required by Chapter 633 Florida Statutes, to enforce the applicable provisions of the Florida Fire Prevention Code.



All new businesses are required to have a fire safety inspection as part of the Business Tax Receipt process. Zoning approval is required through the Growth Management Department prior to scheduling your fire safety inspection. When the zoning approval has been granted and you are provided with a permit number, please contact the Fire Prevention Office at (772) 288-5633 to schedule a fire inspection. 


Periodic fire safety inspections will be conducted for existing businesses for required code compliance, to maintain a safe business environment and minimize the threat of fire or explosion. Periodic inspection frequency is determined by the inspector according the occupancy, as well as use of the building and associated hazards at the site. Several state-licensed occupancies require annual fire inspections to maintain their licenses and should contact the Fire Prevention Office at (772) 288-5633 to schedule the inspection.

Guide to a successful fire inspection:

Fire Inspectors will survey your property for proper addressing, clear exit access, compliant fire extinguishers, electrical safety, proper operation of exit and emergency lighting and proper storage of materials and goods. 

The New and Existing Business Fire Inspection Checklist has been developed to help you meet fire code requirements and avoid receiving a notice of non-compliance. All non-compliances listed are based on the Florida Fire Prevention Code as adopted by Martin County. The lists do not address all code requirements, but instead focus on the most commonly found violations, and on those that are easily correctable.

If you have specific questions, you may request a fire safety inspection of your facility and the inspector will address any issues at that time. (Note: If non-compliances are identified you will be notified and given a reasonable period of time to correct any existing deficiencies before enforcement action is taken.) 


A fire permit may be obtained through Martin County's Accela Citizen Access web portal to install, repair or otherwise modify any fire protection systems such as:

  • Fire alarms
  • Water-based automatic suppression systems
  • Underground mains serving hydrants and/or automatic fire sprinklers
  • Chemical and gaseous agent extinguishing systems; and/or
  • Installation and removal of above-ground and underground tanks used for flammable or combustible liquid.

Licenses required to obtain a fire permit:

A Martin County business license is required for all contractors doing business within the county (excluding City of Stuart and Sewall’s Point). All state-licensed contractors must register with the Martin County Building Department.

The Compliance Engine (TCE):

The Fire Prevention Bureau utilizes The Compliance Engine (TCE) web portal to transform the reporting process with third-party reporting for all code-mandated fire protection system testing and maintenance.

State-certified fire protection contractors should register and log in to TCE web portal, then upload and submit inspection results. This reporting system is directly linked to Martin County Fire Prevention to track inspections for code compliance, reduce false alarm activity and provide for a safer community.

Martin County Fire Prevention
800 SE Monterey Road
Stuart, Florida, 34994

(772) 288-5633

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