Halpatiokee Regional Park


Halpatiokee (Seminole for “Alligator Water”) was purchased with funds from the Lands For You bond referendum and Florida Communities Trust.   The county leases the South Fork Additions from the South Florida Water Management District and the Department of Environmental Protection.  Halpatiokee Park is located just off of I-95’s Stuart exit 101.  The 65 acre active park is surrounded by 470 acres of wetland preserve area.  The park is the perfect place for a family outing,  family reunion, reception, or company gathering. 


Halpatiokee Regional Park is the largest sports complex in Martin County with an open air regulation size hockey rink, ten tennis courts, soccer/football fields and softball/baseball fields, the park is the perfect location for a variety sporting events, and tournaments. 





Halpatiokee Regional Park has a total of 12 pavilions, located throughout the park.  Pavilions 3, 4, 7, 8, & 9 are available for reservations.  Pavilions 1, 2, 3, 6,10, 11, & 12 are first come first serve.

Pavilion #3: is 20 ft x 40 ft, there are 2 grills, 4 picnic tables.  Pavilion 3 is located across from soccer field 3. Reservation and fee required.

Pavilion #4:is 30ft x 35 ft, there are 8 picnic tables, no grill.  Pavilion 4 is located across from soccer fields 1 & 2 Reservation and fee required.

Pavilion #7:is 20 ft x 40ft, there is 1 grill, 4 picnic tables, located in rear of park, behind baseball fields. Reservation and fee required.

Pavilion #8: is 20ft x 40 ft, there are 2 grills, 4 picnic tables, pavilion 8 is located in rear of park, behind baseball fields.  Reservation and fee required.

Pavilion #9: is 40 ft x 60 ft, there are 10 picnic tables, 1 grill.  Pavilion 9 is enclosed with screen, electric is available. Reservation and fee required.


                                                                                            Pavilions available on first come first serve basis

Pavilion #1: has 1 picnic table, no grill and is located at the north end of soccer field 4.

Pavilion # 2: has 1 picnic table, no grill and is located at the south of end of soccer field 5.

Pavilion # 5: has 2 picnic tables, 2 grills and is located at the playground.

Pavilion # 6: has 2 picnic tables, 2 grills and is located in center of tennis courts.

Pavilion # 10: has 2 picnic tables, no grill and is located off of paved trail in the rear of the park.  Pavilion 10 is not accessible by vehicle, the pavilion is about 1/8 mile from the rear parking  area.

Pavilion #11: has 2 tables, no grill and is located behind baseball field E.  Pavilion 11 is not accessible by vehicle.

Pavilion # 12: has 2 tables, no grill and is located between baseball fields A and E.


1. What do I do to reserve a pavilion?  Call the park office at (772)221-1419 & check availability for your date & desired pavilion.  If available, a fee applies, as well as refundable security deposit.

2. Who is responsible for posting the pavilion reservation permit?  The permit holder is responsible for posting reservation sign.

3. What rules apply when reserving a pavilion?  Renting a pavilion reserves the pavilion structure & 10ft of the surrounding area, but doesn’t guarantee use of any open areas. The following are prohibited at Halpatiokee pavilions:  ponies, water slides, inflatables of any kind,  alcoholic beverages of any kind, personal grills, digging or staking of any kind (tents/shade structures must be stabilized with use of sand bag or other device,  the use of nails and staples in pavilions or tables, parking vehicles in any area except designated areas,  driving a motor vehicle in any area other than on areas provided for motor vehicles.

4. How do I get my security deposit refunded? After the rental is completed , staff will inspect the area and determine the amount of the security deposit to be refunded.  The area must be left clean with all trash in garbage cans.

Picnic Pavilions

Picnic Pavilions




Halpatiokee Regional Park has a 3 mile walking/bicycle nature trail that begins in the rear of the park, parallels the South Fork River and loops back to the trailhead.  There is also a paved trail that goes through the back of the park surrounded by wetland preserve.

Biking & walking trails

Biking & walking trails







1. Where can I launch my canoe or kayak?  Canoes and kayaks can be launched  from  South River Outfitters on the north side of the park.  There is also a launch at Hosford Park. There are landings at Treasure Island and at the end of the nature trail.

2. How long is the canoe and kayak trail?  The trail is 7 miles.

3. Can I rent canoes and kayaks at the park?  Kayak and canoe rentals

4. Are guided tours available from the park? Kayak and canoe information

Tennis Courts







Halpatiokee has 10 tennis courts.  Tennis courts are available for reservations, as well as first come first serve.

Reservations require a fee.   The tennis courts are also used for lessons and tournaments.




1. How do I make a reservation for the tennis courts?  Call 221-1419

for availability and reservations.

2. How do I find out about tennis lessons?  Call 221-1419.

3. What is the fee for reserving the tennis courts?  $25 for 8 hours per court.

Tennis Courts






 There are 5 soccer/football fields at Halpatiokee Regional Park.  The fields can be reserved for league play and tournaments.  There is one concession stand  in the center of the soccer fields.




1. How do I reserve  the fields?  Call 221-1419.

2. Is there a charge for reserving the fields?  Yes call for rates.

3. What is required in order for our group/organization to use the concession stand?

There is a $25 per day fee for using the concession stand, contact the Sports and

Athletics office at 221-1419 for reservations.



Soccer/Football Fields

Soccer/Football Fields






Camping is available by permit only.  The camping area is primitive and is located at the end of the kayak/nature trail.  The camping area is accessible by foot or kayak/canoe.



1. How do I get a permit for camping? Call 221-1419

2. Is there a charge for camping? Yes. Call 221-1419.

3. How long can we camp? Two night maximum.

4. Are there any amenities available at the camp site? No.

5. Are pets allowed at the camp site? Pets must be leashed at all times, pet waste

removal is required.








The Playground at Halpatiokee is open during regular park hours.   There is a shade cover over the playground and a small  open shaded grass area next to the playground.  Pavilion #5 is next to the playground, and is first come first serve.


Softball & Baseball Fields






Softball and baseball fields are available for use by permit only.  Fields may be used for

league play, tournaments and recreational play. 


1. How do I reserve a field?  Call 221-1419

2. Is there a charge for using the fields? $25 per day per field.

3. Do I have to reserve a field if I just want to play ball with my family? No, however

fields will not be available if they are prepped for games.

Softball & Baseball Fields


Pavilion #9

Hockey Rink





The hockey rink at Halpatiokee Regional Park is an open air regulation size rink,

available for use by leagues for practices and games.  The hockey rink

is  available by permit only.



1. How do I reserve the hockey rink. Call 221-1419

2. Is there a charge for using the rink? $50 per hour.

3. Can I reserve the rink for my group to use for recreational skating? Yes

4. Can we use skateboards on the rink. No, there are several skate parks throughout

Martin County for skateboards.  You can go to the Martin County web site for

skate park locations.

Hockey Rink

Other Amenities





Other amenities at Halpatiokee Regional Park include the Sports and Athletics office on site,  restrooms, soda machines and drinking fountains located throughout the park. 

Points of interest include Florida wildlife mosaics installed by artist Jessica Gorlin-Liddell.  There are also metal sculptures near the playground and field 3.  Annual events at Halpatiokee Regional Park include: the Halpatiokee 5k in September, The Mutt March sponsored by the Humane  Society in October, the Stuart Garden Show in April, as well as hosting youth sports year around.

Other Amenities

Pavilion #3

Pavilion #4

Pavilion #8

Pavilion #7

Canoeing and Kayaking

Canoeing and Kayaking