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March 18, 2003







Sharon Hamilton

907 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.         SHIP File #00082

Stuart, FL 34994

Dear Ms. Hamilton:

Congratulations! Your application to receive rehabilitation funding through the Martin County State Housing Initiative Partnership (SHIP) Program has been approved.

You are eligible to receive up to $22,000 toward eligible repairs to your home. The actual amount of SHIP funding you receive will be based upon required repairs and the actual cost of the repairs to your home.

A designated contractor will contact you directly to schedule an appointment to inspect your home. The contractor will evaluate the repairs to be made and prepare a bid of the cost to repair your home. Once the bid has been accepted, we will require a signed agreement between you the homeowner, the contractor and the SHIP administrator.

Prior to receiving funds, you will be asked to sign a deferred payment loan, promising to repay awarded funds if you sell or move from your home within a set period of time. The period of time will be determined based on the cost of repairs to your home.

Again, congratulations! Please contact me if you have any questions or require further information.


Eric Brent

Senior Planner

SHIP Administrator


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