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About the Survey Division

The mission of the Survey Division is to provide surveying excellence and expertise to all County Departments and the public for all phases of surveying.

Services provided:

  • Right of way determination
  • Resources for Land Surveyors
  • Survey Control
  • and more!
The Survey Division collects field data related to boundary surveys for acquisitions, boundary topographic surveys for the Parks Department, Real Property, and Utilities and Solid Waste, topographic surveys for Engineering and Engineering Field Operations, Office of Water Quality and prepares design drawings for their use along with legal descriptions and sketches for acquisition of easements and right-of-ways.

The Division also reviews boundary surveys and plats of developments applications to assure compliance with applicable Florida Statues as well as Martin County’s development regulations. The Division also checks the required plat monumentation to assure they are in their proper location both prior to recordation and post all construction, prior to releasing the bond/surety held by Martin County.

On behalf of most of Martin County’s departments, the Division also reviews legal and sketches, boundary, topographic and other survey’s prepared by outside consultants to assure compliance with State and Martin County rules and regulations. The Division is providing Project Management for Martin County’s mapping of all their approximately 86,000 parcels in a joint effort with the Martin County Property Appraiser, and the City of Stuart, utilizing outside survey and mapping professional consultants.

The Survey Division also provides research for public and our Building Department to determine roadway statuses for building permit applications compliance with the open roadway requirements per Martin County Codes. Other responsibilities include responding to public inquires regarding the abandonment or vacation of road right-of-way,and assisting the public in preparing the necessary documentation for the abandonment or vacation of these right-of-ways if desired. The Division is in the process of densifying all of Martin County’s vertical and horizontal monumentation to meet Federal specifications, which will relieve the County of the obligation of maintaining and updating these monuments in the future.

In addition, the Division provides outside professionals with, right-of-way maps and other archived information as well as vertical and horizontal control, of which we are in the process of providing this information on the County’s web site.

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