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On Thursday, April 24, 2014 the MCAC Reef Fund in coordination with the Martin County Coastal Engineering Department is deploying a 224 foot vessel formerly the M/V DM One. Once the vessel has been reefed she will be referred to as the Hailey Glasrud Reef. The approximate destination is 8.9 miles slightly E-NE out of the St. Lucie Inlet,  2712.563 / 8000.254 and in 187 feet of water.

The Artificial Reef Program is online at  This site includes site maps, photos and detailed information on the species found at each reef location. This site is updated frequently, so visit often!

To foster a thriving environment below sea, the Coastal Engineering Department works cooperatively with a wide range of public and private organizations. The Martin County Artificial Reef Program represents such a partnership. The Artificial Reef Program brings together various government organizations, educational institutions, sportfishing and diving enthusiasts, and interested citizens to create artificial reef environments that provide habitats for fish and other marine organisms.

To date, dozens of artificial reefs have been created and have become popular spots for fishermen and divers. The County monitors these reefs annually for marine activity and structural status; the Florida Oceanographic Society Research Dive Team has assisted with many of these monitoring projects. The Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission has been a valuable partner in underwriting this monitoring, and in providing grants that fund other important artificial reef construction projects. A recent addition to the artificial reef program is the Reef Ball(TM) Program, which is coordinated through the Martin County Environmental Studies Center of the Martin County School District. Each year, students construct "reef balls," which are then deployed in the St. Lucie River to create habitats for fish and underwater organisms. This successful program, which has also been incorporated into other youth camps and learning environments, broadens students' understanding of our aquatic ecology while creating new environments that foster marine life.

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