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Engineering: ( Sorted by Date ) 2013/2014
17-APR-14 Recommendation Letter - Sunshine Land Design - FDOT ENC
17-APR-14 Letter of appreciation to Otto DiVosta ENR
17-APR-14 Culpepper Ltr-Floridian Golf Course END
14-APR-14 FPL mast arm conflicts ENT
14-APR-14 Comcast mast arm conflicts ENT
14-APR-14 ATT mast arm conflicts ENT
09-APR-14 Willoughby Boulevard Extension ENR
08-APR-14 Request for Martin County Appointment to the Water Resources Advisory Commission (WRAC) ENW
08-APR-14 SR76 Progress Report - March 2014 ENC
08-APR-14 Allapattah Conservation and Recreation Area ┐ Wetland Reserve Program Restoration ENR
08-APR-14 NSFCSEES-MDC-FIU-April 2, 2014.docx ENF
07-APR-14 Tomberg-Hutchinson Island-Notice to Proceed ENT
03-APR-14 Citrus Grove Park Defective Work Notice
03-APR-14 140130 Ltr Citrus Grove - Substantial Completion
03-APR-14 Response to Jacquin Ltr
02-APR-14 Deleted- issue with letterhead ENF
02-APR-14 2014-04-02 EV-14-004 4273 Skyline END
01-APR-14 SCOP Grant Application Letter - Leslie Wetherell FDOT - FY17/18 - Mapp Rd Resurfacing ENC
01-APR-14 SCOP Grant Application Letter - Leslie Wetherell FDOT - FY17/18/19 - Murphy Rd Resurfacing ENC
01-APR-14 SCOP Grant Application Letter - Leslie Wetherell FDOT - FY18/19 - Cove Rd Resurfacing ENC
28-MAR-14 2014-03-06 EL-14-002 471 Beach END
28-MAR-14 2014-03-28 EL-14-004 END
26-MAR-14 Semi-annual Utility Inspection Report END
26-MAR-14 Timer Powers Feasibility Study
24-MAR-14 NTP - Sewalls Pt Rd Resurfacing - M&M Asphalt ENC
24-MAR-14 SIRFS 340168 Response Letter ENC
24-MAR-14 SIRFS 337692 Response Letter ENC
24-MAR-14 FDOT-Sailfish Regatta Rd Closure ENT
21-MAR-14 SW Sunset Trl Release of ROW Bond - ENRW-20130068 END
20-MAR-14 Letter to Mr. Button re River Forest/St. Lucie Falls roadway access ENR
20-MAR-14 Letter Re I95 SR76 Interchange
19-MAR-14 FIND grant application cover letter ENE
18-MAR-14 140314_Ltr
18-MAR-14 White_Ltr
17-MAR-14 SR76 Design Progress Report - February 2014 ENC
17-MAR-14 Dixie Hwy Bike Lanes - Materials Certification Letter ENC
13-MAR-14 2014 Artificial Reef Deployment Letter ENE
13-MAR-14 Recommendation Letter _ Sanders
13-MAR-14 FTA Triennial Final Report
13-MAR-14 Toll Revenue Credits Letter _ FY14
13-MAR-14 Toll Revenue Credits Letter _ 5316
11-MAR-14 SRA1A Roundabout_FDOT Ltr ENT
11-MAR-14 Mast Arm Inspection conflict ENT
07-MAR-14 Notice to Proceed to Florida Oceanographic for oyster larval seeding ENE
06-MAR-14 Ms. Deborah DeMaio-Right of Entry Agreement for Temporary Irrigation Connection-1850 NE Church St ENF
05-MAR-14 Letter of recommendation to Canaveral Port Authority for Atkins ENE
05-MAR-14 Letter of recommendation to Canaveral Port Authority for Ecological Associates ENE
05-MAR-14 St. Lucie Inlet Maintenance Dredging Update ENE
04-MAR-14 Stuart Fence Company-Proposal Request ENT
04-MAR-14 Daniel Fence Company-Proposal Request ENT
03-MAR-14 ROW Bond Return Ltr - ENRW-20130041 - SW Sunset Blvd END
28-FEB-14 Final reimbursement request and grant closeout for Cypress Creek Phase III Project #4600001243-A07
26-FEB-14 Cashman Dredging Notice to Proceed ENE
26-FEB-14 CPA 14-3 ANG Holdings ENT
20-FEB-14 Request for Section 22 Planning Assistance to States Agreement
20-FEB-14 Martin County┐s Support for Bird Island / MC-2 Critical Wildlife Area Establishment
18-FEB-14 Frank Clarke-Clarke Mosquito Control 3-9-2014 to 3-9-2015 ENM
18-FEB-14 SIRFS 339249-Ltr to Property Owner ENT
18-FEB-14 Resurfacing Response to Commissioner Scott
18-FEB-14 Resident Letter ENC
18-FEB-14 Gish Letter re VMB
14-FEB-14 Star Drive Agenda Notice ENT
11-FEB-14 140121 Dixie/Indian Drainage & Intersection Completion
11-FEB-14 SR76 Design Progress Report - January 2014 ENC
10-FEB-14 ENRO-20130001 - SE Old St Lucie Blvd - Surety Release Ltr END
06-FEB-14 2014-02-06 EV-14-002 306 Monterey END
05-FEB-14 Ms. Louise Sahlin-Right of Entry Agreement for Drainage Maintenance-8571 SE Driftwood Street ENF
04-FEB-14 2014-02-03 EV-14-001 Martin Hwy END
04-FEB-14 Drew C. Popson-Maintenance Project - SW Pine Tree Lane, Palm City ENF
04-FEB-14 Drew C. Popson-Maintenance Project - SW Pine Tree Lane, Palm City ENF
04-FEB-14 Scott W. & Sharon F. Bowman-Maintenance Project - SW Pine Tree Lane, Palm City ENF
04-FEB-14 Robert P. & Niccole L. White - Maintenance Project - SW Pine Tree Lane, Palm City ENF
04-FEB-14 Rex Allen & Susan B. Sentell-Maintenance Project - SW Pine Tree Lane, Palm City ENF
04-FEB-14 Maintenance Project - SW Pine Tree Lane, Palm City ENF
04-FEB-14 Joseph P. Cunnane-Maintenance Project - SW Pine Tree Lane, Palm City ENF
04-FEB-14 ugo A. & Corynne H Carter-Maintenance Project - SW Pine Tree Lane, Palm City ENF
04-FEB-14 Hans Wagner-Maintenance Project - SW Pine Tree Lane, Palm City ENF
04-FEB-14 Christopher K & Suzanne M. East-Maintenance Project - SW Pine Tree Lane, Palm City ENF
04-FEB-14 Daniel F. Tortora & Lenora Turrisi-Maintenance Project - SW Pine Tree Lane, Palm City ENF
04-FEB-14 Maintenance Project - SW Pine Tree Lane, Palm City ENF
30-JAN-14 Little Club - Iroquois Bradley ENR
29-JAN-14 SIRFS 338535-Sight Distance Issue Ltr ENT
24-JAN-14 CPA 14-1 SMR Real Estate END
17-JAN-14 2014-01-17 EL-14-001 5752 Ranchito END
17-JAN-14 140107 EV-13-020 1340 Dyer END
17-JAN-14 131213 EL-13-019 Woodmill Pond Condo END
17-JAN-14 131219 EL-13-021 Tamarro END
17-JAN-14 131213 El-13-020 Running Oak END
16-JAN-14 IRL NEP cover letter for IRSP grant ENE
16-JAN-14 IRL NEP cover letter for Monitoring Grant ENE
16-JAN-14 All American Ditch Survey Letter ENR
15-JAN-14 C.R. 707 Corrective Transfer TIITF Reservation letter ENR
14-JAN-14 Letter to USACE to Request Removal of Sand Borrow Sites ENE
09-JAN-14 Little Club-Rea-Drainage Easement ENR
09-JAN-14 Indiantown Cogeneration ENA
09-JAN-14 FDOT Parking Meters ENA
08-JAN-14 140108 Railroad Avenue Completion Letter
07-JAN-14 SR76 Design Progress Report - December 2013 ENC
02-JAN-14 US1-Britt_CertOfCompletion ENT
23-DEC-13 NTP - Dixie Highway Resurfacing - Community Asphalt ENC
23-DEC-13 131215 SR76 Design Grant Progress Report ENC
19-DEC-13 Sailfish Point letter re Cashman Dredging access ENE
19-DEC-13 Hobe Sound Polo Club Release of LOC (Replacement Received) Ltr END
18-DEC-13 Venetian Village - Release of Performance Bond (Replacement Bond Received) Ltr END
17-DEC-13 Treasured Lands Foundation ENC
16-DEC-13 Letter of recommendation Maxwell Marine ENE
13-DEC-13 131213 EV-13-018 Dune Drive END
13-DEC-13 131213 EV-13-019 27 Saddle Back END
12-DEC-13 Continental Shelf Rdwy Capacity Response END
12-DEC-13 CPA 14-2 Kanner 5601 END
12-DEC-13 CPA 14-1 SMR Real Estate END
10-DEC-13 131210 EV-13-017 1444 St. Lucie END
09-DEC-13 Jensen and Main, LLC ENR
05-DEC-13 131113 SR76 Monthly Progress Report October 2013 ENC
05-DEC-13 Approval Letter - SW 39th St and SW 66th Avenue Assessable Paving ENC
03-DEC-13 ROW Bond Return - ENRW-20130018 - SE Commerce Ave END
27-NOV-13 Request for permit from FDOT for survey work on SR 91 (Turnpike) ENR
26-NOV-13 NTP - Dixie Highway Bike Lanes - Lynch Paving ENC
25-NOV-13 onna & Mario Longo-Obstruction of drainage ditch with fill-255 SE Salerno Road, Stuart, FL 34997 ENF
25-NOV-13 Billing #3 Bathtub Beach #12MI2 - LB
25-NOV-13 2nd Request for FDOT Causeway Assistance
25-NOV-13 131121_ProprietaryProductCertificationLtr
22-NOV-13 Stuart Streetlights on the SHS ENT
22-NOV-13 131122 Indiantown Farms L47 Road Frontage END
22-NOV-13 EV END
22-NOV-13 131122 EV-13-016 9474 Cove Point END
22-NOV-13 MCSD Hazardous Walking Conditions END
19-NOV-13 2013-2014 Artificial Reef Supplemental Construction Grant Application cover letter ENE
19-NOV-13 2013-2014 Artificial Reef App I certification letter ENE
12-NOV-13 SR714-Captec Ltr ENT
06-NOV-13 Year-End Inventory for FY 2012/2013 ENF
06-NOV-13 J and M Landscaping-Right of Entry Agreement for Ditch Maintenance ENF
05-NOV-13 Port Salerno Commercial Fishing 2014 Lease Payments ENR
30-OCT-13 Indiantown Irrigation Canal
30-OCT-13 131030_MC_LtrToFDOT_IrrigationComponents
30-OCT-13 Sinking World Exhibit Support Letter ENE
30-OCT-13 Martin County Application for the Delaplane Peninsula Blueway Preserve Recreational Enhancements ENC
24-OCT-13 Request for FDOT Bid Concurrence - Dixie Highway Bike Lanes Project ENC
24-OCT-13 131022 SR76 Design FDOT Grant Progress Report for August 2013 ENC
23-OCT-13 SR76 Improvements-Stanley Ltr ENT
21-OCT-13 131021 SR76 Design FDOT Grant Progress Report ENC
21-OCT-13 Billing #4-Turtle Friendly NFWF Grant #139917 - LB
18-OCT-13 SFWMD Mitigation Credit ENE
17-OCT-13 Green River Pkwy connection from Sunflower Pl ENC
16-OCT-13 Martin County Comments on the Central Everglades Planning Project Draft Project Implementation Report and Environmental Impact Statement ENC
16-OCT-13 Acceptance Letter for AAD Grant ENC
15-OCT-13 Tromberg_NTP_RR_AveLandscaping
11-OCT-13 Hutchinson Island-A1A-FDOT-Lucido Auth Ltr ENT
09-OCT-13 Cit-Tech-letter of intent-10-9-13 ENF
08-OCT-13 131008 Voting Results - 39th Street and 66th Avenue Proposed Assessable Paving Project ENC
07-OCT-13 Martin County Authorization for Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission Law Enforcement Activities ENC
03-OCT-13 131003_NTP_Indiantown_Bus_Shelters
03-OCT-13 Old Plantation Bond Replacement/Release Ltr END
01-OCT-13 131001 SR76 Design FDOT Grant Progress Report ENC

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