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Airport: ( Sorted by Date ) 2014/2015
24-JUL-15 July Airport Revenues 64 - FY15
09-JUL-15 June Airport Revenues - 63 - FY15
30-JUN-15 FAA Deed of Release
29-JUN-15 June Airport Revenues - 62 FY15
24-JUN-15 Stuart Jet Center - ACH Payments
16-JUN-15 June Airport Revenues 61 FY15
16-JUN-15 June Airport Revenues - 60 FY15
12-JUN-15 June Airport Revenues -59-FY15
09-JUN-15 June Airport Revenues - 59 - FY15
04-JUN-15 June Airport Revenues 58 FY15
02-JUN-15 May Airport Revenues - 57 - FY15
02-JUN-15 Miguel Martinez FAA - Grant Letter
01-JUN-15 FAC Registraton
01-JUN-15 Runway 12/30 Rehab - 2nd Quarter - FAA
01-JUN-15 Airshow C-17
01-JUN-15 A Furlong Permission for einvoicing - FAA
01-JUN-15 Notice to Proceed Rehab Runway 12/30
01-JUN-15 April 2015 Curfew Letter
21-MAY-15 May Airport Revenues 56 FY15
13-MAY-15 May Airport Revenues 55 FY15
11-MAY-15 May Airport Revenues 54 FY15
11-MAY-15 May Airport Revenues 53 - FY15
11-MAY-15 May Airport Revenues 52 - FY15
04-MAY-15 April Airport Revenue - 51 FY15
30-APR-15 April Airport Revenues - 50
29-APR-15 Simply Green Landscaping
29-APR-15 Ferry Enterprises Landscaping
29-APR-15 April Airport Revenue - 49 FY15
23-APR-15 April Airport Revenue 48 FY15
21-APR-15 April Airport Revenue - 47 FY15
15-APR-15 April Airport Revenue - 46 FY15
14-APR-15 April Airport Revenue 45 FY15
10-APR-15 April Airport Revenue 44 FY15
10-APR-15 April Airport Revenue 43
09-APR-15 March Curfew Letter
07-APR-15 April Airport Revenue 42 FY15
07-APR-15 March Airport Revenue 41 FY15
01-APR-15 February Curfew Letter
01-APR-15 Jan2015 Curfew Letter
01-APR-15 December Curfew Letter
01-APR-15 Notice to Proceed - 12/30 MIRL
01-APR-15 {Precision Jet - Bounmdry Lines
31-MAR-15 March Airport Revenue 40 FY15
26-MAR-15 March Airport Revenue 39 FY15
26-MAR-15 Construction Cost Estimate Overruns
26-MAR-15 Parcel 34 3_12_15
26-MAR-15 FAA APP 15_16
18-MAR-15 March Airport Revenue 38 FY15
16-MAR-15 March Airport Revenue 37 FY15
11-MAR-15 Air Show 5K FAA Ltr.
11-MAR-15 FAA 2015 Pre App Ltr
11-MAR-15 Triumph CPI ADJ 2014 Correction
11-MAR-15 2015 FAA Preapp Amended
11-MAR-15 Star Finance Mar 2015
10-MAR-15 March Airport Revenue 36 FY15
09-MAR-15 March Airport Revenue 35 FY15
04-MAR-15 March Airport Revenue 34 FY15
03-MAR-15 February Airport Revenues 33
03-MAR-15 February Airport Revenues 32
03-MAR-15 february Airport Revenues - 31 - 2015
03-MAR-15 Feb Airport Revenues 30 FY15
03-MAR-15 Feb Airport Revenues 29 FY15
10-FEB-15 Feb Airport Revenues 28 FY15
09-FEB-15 February Airport Revenues 27 FY15
05-FEB-15 January Airport Revenues 26 FY15
02-FEB-15 January Airport Revenues 25 FY15
29-JAN-15 January Airport Revenues 24 FY15
21-JAN-15 January Airport Revenues 23 FY15
15-JAN-15 January Airport Revenues 22 FY15
09-JAN-15 January Airport 21 FY15
09-JAN-15 Triumph CPI ADJ 2014
06-JAN-15 December Airport Revenues 20 FY15
06-JAN-15 Liberator Rent Deduction February 2015
31-DEC-14 December Airport Revenues 19 FY15
23-DEC-14 December Airport Revenues 18 FY15
23-DEC-14 December Airport Revenues 17 FY15
23-DEC-14 December Airport Revenues 16 FY15
23-DEC-14 December Airport Revenues 15 FY15
23-DEC-14 December Airport Revenues 14 FY15
23-DEC-14 December Airport Revenues 13 FY15
10-DEC-14 Big Heart Brigade 2014
10-DEC-14 November Airport Revenue 12 FY15
10-DEC-14 November Airport Revenue 11 FY15
10-DEC-14 November Airport Revenues 10 FY15
10-DEC-14 NovemberAirportRevenue9 FY15
10-DEC-14 October Airport Revenues 8 FY15
10-DEC-14 Liberator Rent 2015
10-DEC-14 Witham - Increase 2015
10-DEC-14 Sheriff Office - Increase 2015
10-DEC-14 Fire Dept. Hanger - Increase 2015
10-DEC-14 Galaxy Aviation-Increase 2015
10-DEC-14 Stuart Jet Center - Increase-2015
10-DEC-14 November Curfew Letter
10-DEC-14 October Curfew Letters
10-DEC-14 September Curfew Letter
10-DEC-14 OCtober Airport Revenues - 5
10-DEC-14 October Airport Revenues - 4
10-DEC-14 October Airport Revenues - 3 FY14
10-DEC-14 October Airport Revenues - 2 FY15
10-DEC-14 OCtober Airport Revenues - 1 - FY14
10-DEC-14 October Airport Revenues - 7 FY15
10-DEC-14 OCtober Airport Revenues - 6
05-DEC-14 Above & Beyond Landscaping
05-DEC-14 Landscaping-Florida Exotic
03-DEC-14 Star Finance Response
28-OCT-14 NovemberAirportRevenue1

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