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Airport: ( Sorted by Date ) 2013/2014
02-SEP-14 C-17 Weight Waiver
26-AUG-14 NTP Sunshine TW A
26-AUG-14 FAA Grant APP 3-12-0076-018-2014
26-AUG-14 FAA AIP 16
26-AUG-14 Contract Tower Extended Hours
26-AUG-14 Universal Contract Cancellation
26-AUG-14 2014 DBE Letter to FAA
06-AUG-14 July Airport Revenues - 1
06-AUG-14 July Airport Revenues - 2
18-JUL-14 Flight School Letter
18-JUL-14 ANAC Invitation to Tour
26-JUN-14 June Airport Revenues - 4
26-JUN-14 Jumne Airport Revenues - 3
26-JUN-14 June Airport Revenues - 2
26-JUN-14 June Airport Revenues - 1
12-JUN-14 May Curfew Letters
10-JUN-14 May Airport Revenues - 3
10-JUN-14 Return of Phone (Nextel)
10-JUN-14 May Airport Revenues - 2
10-JUN-14 May Airport Revenues - 1
03-JUN-14 April Curfew Letters
28-MAY-14 2014 FAA Grant App 1
07-MAY-14 March Curfew Letters
24-APR-14 Airport April Revenues - 5
24-APR-14 April Airport Revenues - 4
24-APR-14 April Airport Revenues - 3
24-APR-14 April Airport Revenues - 2
24-APR-14 April Airport Revenues - 1
24-APR-14 MCA Noise Mitigation Program
24-APR-14 Xerox Contract Cancellation
17-APR-14 Touch and Go Ops
17-APR-14 February Curfew Letters
31-MAR-14 March Airport Revenues - 2
31-MAR-14 March Airport Revenues - 1
31-MAR-14 Public Records Request - Customs
31-MAR-14 February Airport Revenues - 5
31-MAR-14 Airport February Revenues - 4
31-MAR-14 Koopman Meeting
14-MAR-14 January Curfew Letters
12-MAR-14 2014 AIP Pre Application
12-MAR-14 Response to Triumph Offer 12/2013
12-MAR-14 Langbehn Myra
12-MAR-14 Ballard Albert Lisa
12-MAR-14 Baillie Bruce
12-MAR-14 McConnell Stephen
12-MAR-14 Koopman, Raymond
12-MAR-14 Castellanos Jaime Christine
21-FEB-14 February Airport Revenues - 3
21-FEB-14 February Airport Revenues - 2
21-FEB-14 February Airport Revenues - 1
21-FEB-14 January Airport Revenues - 4
21-FEB-14 Thank you - Bid - Lamndscaping
21-FEB-14 Thank you Bid - Landscaping
13-FEB-14 Martin County Airport Request for Release 12/15/2008
13-FEB-14 Lease and Sub-Lease Documents
13-FEB-14 Airport Property Titles and Easements
13-FEB-14 January Airport Revenues - 5
13-FEB-14 January Airport Revenues -3
13-FEB-14 January Airport Revenues - 2
13-FEB-14 January Airport Revenues - 1
13-FEB-14 Stuart Air Show Expenses
06-JAN-14 Quarterly Roster - WAC
06-JAN-14 Quarterly Roster - Precision
06-JAN-14 Quarterly Roster - Galaxy
06-JAN-14 Quarterly Roster - SJC
06-JAN-14 November Curfew Letters
03-JAN-14 December Airport Revenues - 6
03-JAN-14 December Airp0ort Revenues - 5
03-JAN-14 December Airport Revenues - 4
03-JAN-14 December Airport Revenues - 3
03-JAN-14 December Airport Revenues - 2
03-JAN-14 December Airport Revenues - a
03-JAN-14 December Curfew Letters
03-JAN-14 Thank you - Bid
03-JAN-14 Thank you - Bid
18-DEC-13 2014 Noise JPA EOG Letter
17-DEC-13 Liberator Bldg 29 Rent Increase
17-DEC-13 Sheriff CPI 13-14
17-DEC-13 MCFD 12-13 CPI
17-DEC-13 Witham Aero Club 12-13 CPI
17-DEC-13 SJC CPI 13-14
17-DEC-13 Galaxy CPI 13-14
13-DEC-13 Violation of Airport Rules and Regs - Sky Blue
13-DEC-13 Violation Section 2.5(b) MCA Rules and Regs
13-DEC-13 October Curfew Letters
03-DEC-13 AIrport November Revenues - 2
03-DEC-13 November Airport Revenues - 1
25-NOV-13 September Curfew Letters
07-NOV-13 Airport October Revenues - 3
07-NOV-13 Octobe Airport Revenues - 3
07-NOV-13 October Airport Revenues
07-NOV-13 October Airport Revenues - 1
07-NOV-13 September Airport Revenues - 3
14-OCT-13 Hennis Exterior ATCT II
14-OCT-13 Hennis ATCT Interior
14-OCT-13 Mancils Revised NTP

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