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Administration: ( Sorted by Date ) 2014/2015
12-DEC-14 DEO Policy Clarification
11-DEC-14 To Whom It May Concern Signature Authorization ADM
10-DEC-14 US Bank National Letter ADM
05-DEC-14 Public Records Request
05-DEC-14 AAF Outreach Memo
04-DEC-14 Invocation Requests for 2015 ADB
04-DEC-14 4B2 Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy Committee Appointments - letters ADB
03-DEC-14 Tim Wright PRR
24-NOV-14 letter to Pat Atkinson on sales tax
24-NOV-14 4B2 Affordable Housing Advisory Committee Appointments - letters ADB
21-NOV-14 Delaplane Certification Letter
21-NOV-14 Phipps Park Certification Letter
21-NOV-14 CARES Class 48 Invitation
20-NOV-14 void
20-NOV-14 Taryn's Budget Letter FY15
19-NOV-14 CHCRB Physician Accounts 11-19-14 ADM
19-NOV-14 CHCRB Denied Accounts 11-19-14 ADM
19-NOV-14 CHCRB Approved Accounts 11-19-14 ADM
19-NOV-14 BG Inv 19
19-NOV-14 2A Organization of the BCC Board.Council Appointments - letters ADB
19-NOV-14 5311 Inv 22
14-NOV-14 Martin County Comments to EPA Re: Proposed Waters of the US Rule
13-NOV-14 CARES Class 47 Graduation
12-NOV-14 Thank you for serving on the Tourist Development Council - letter to Mary Palczer ADB
03-NOV-14 Naming Veterans Nursing Facility
03-NOV-14 Initial Work Plan
28-OCT-14 SLC CSBG FY15 Grant
28-OCT-14 response to Mr. Typner
22-OCT-14 Delete
22-OCT-14 Grant letter of support
20-OCT-14 HiTech Contract ADP
17-OCT-14 2014 Procurement Report ADP
16-OCT-14 CHCRB Physician Accounts 5-21-14 ADM
16-OCT-14 CHCRB Denied Accounts 10-15-14 ADM
16-OCT-14 CHCRB Approved Accounts 10-15-14 ADM
14-OCT-14 Srts Council Designation
08-OCT-14 5A Parks and Recreation Advisory Board Appointments - letters ADB
08-OCT-14 Thank you for serving on the Golden Gate NAC - letter to M Wilchak ADB

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