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Growth Management: ( Sorted by Date ) 2014/2015
16-OCT-14 2015-CPA Schedule
16-OCT-14 I038-010 Indiantown Commerce and Technology Park PUD - Post Requirements
16-OCT-14 R098-007 Kanner Business Park PLat - Post approval requirements
15-OCT-14 S129-013 Sands Commerce Center III-PH 1 2 and 3 - HB70233 Time Extension
15-OCT-14 F099-011 Floridian Golf Club PUD - Master HB 7023 State Time Extension
15-OCT-14 H076-015 Harmony Ranch - HB 7023 Time Extension
14-OCT-14 V036-002 Village Square Two Final Post Appr Ltr
14-OCT-14 F099-010 Floridian Golf Club PUD Ph 2 - HB 7023 State Time Extension
14-OCT-14 P115-007 Heritage Enclave fka Portofino Villas -HB7023 State Timetable Extension
13-OCT-14 Zoning Info Inc Zoning Verification 1400 NE Savannah Rd JB PCN 2837410000100001040000
13-OCT-14 L069-005 Langford Landing SRPT Ltr
13-OCT-14 2014_1015_F099-008_Floridian_Golf_Club_SRPT_Ltr
10-OCT-14 T039-117 Treasure Coast Square Mall PUD Tract E Rooms To Go - Post Approval
09-OCT-14 Lucido & Associates Zoning Verification Seneca Industries, Inc.
09-OCT-14 Michael & Claire Panella - Address Change
09-OCT-14 Andrew Perl Address Change
08-OCT-14 S129-012 Sands Commerce Center I and III Revised Master & Final - Post Requirements
08-OCT-14 R060-008 Ferreira Marine Way Adm Amendment Sufficiency Ltr
08-OCT-14 P152-004 Palm City Landfill II Waste Transfer Station Rev Maj Final Sufficiency Ltr
07-OCT-14 letter to Brad Currie re CPA 15-4 GMP
07-OCT-14 letter to Morris Crady re CPA 15-3 GMP
07-OCT-14 letter to david giunta re cpa 15-5 GMP
07-OCT-14 letter to terry mccarthy re CPA cove rd GMP
07-OCT-14 letter to craig rich re CPA Berry Retail GMP
07-OCT-14 O026-006 Osceola Pines PUD Master - HB 7023 State Time Extension
07-OCT-14 Carol Duffy Waiver for 1740 Coxswain Place - PCN 0638410010000083060000
07-OCT-14 K034-007 Koenig Ranch Major Final - HB 7023 State Time Extension
03-OCT-14 Littman Sherlock & Helms Zoning Verification Lots 21 & 22 PCN 2239380010030021000000 & PCN 2239380010030022000000

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