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Growth Management: ( Sorted by Date ) 2014/2015
19-DEC-14 Employment verification, Clyde Dulin
19-DEC-14 HJA Design Studio Loggerhead Final SRPT Ltr
18-DEC-14 L069-005 Langford Landing Major Final - post requirements letter
18-DEC-14 L073-002 Arthur and Anne Shulman (Lost River Addition) Rezoning - Post Requirements
18-DEC-14 L073-003 Lost River Addition Final - Post Requirements
18-DEC-14 L063-003 Chalets if Salerno - Release of Unity of Ttile - Post Requirements
15-DEC-14 McCarthy Summers Etal Zoning Verification 10323 & 10343 SE Marigold Circle HS PCN 3438428270000002000000 & PCN 3438428270000003000000
15-DEC-14 2014_1212_F099-008_SRPT
11-DEC-14 E031-004 Orinoco Developments LLC Rezoning Sufficiency Ltr
11-DEC-14 Lien One Inc Zoning Verification 786 SW 35th Street PC PCN 1738410010290013090000
11-DEC-14 Lien One Inc Zoning Verification 1025 SW Martin Downs Blvd PC PCN1738410190000101030000
10-DEC-14 C Jason Vein Waiver PCN 3438420600020030000
10-DEC-14 J052-004 Jupiter Pointe - Rezoning Post Complete
10-DEC-14 P063-008 Summerfield PUD Final Site post approval requirements letter
09-DEC-14 L062-011 River Glen -replat Post Approval requirements letter
09-DEC-14 V036-002 Village Square Two Minor Final - Post Complete
09-DEC-14 B046-031 Willoughby PUD-DRI 19th Amendment to Development Order - Transmittal to DEO
05-DEC-14 2014-11-10 P102-038-Seven J's Lot 11 SRPT Ltr GMD
05-DEC-14 2014_L073-002_LPA_BCC_SRPT
05-DEC-14 2014_1113_L073-003_SRPT_LPA
05-DEC-14 2014_1022_C087-010_StRptLtr GMD
05-DEC-14 2014_1204_D021_201400270_Memo_To_Taryn_Regarding_Cooling_Administrative_Variance_Resolution
05-DEC-14 I038-011 Indiantown Commerce & Technology Park PUD SRPT Ltr
05-DEC-14 L069-005 Langford Landing Final SRPT Ltr
05-DEC-14 2014_1205_P152-004_SRPT
05-DEC-14 Edwina & Roger Hansen Release of Restoration Bond
05-DEC-14 C051-007 Cove Center Chase Bank Rev Minor Final Sufficiency Ltr
05-DEC-14 P102-041 Seven J's Subdivision Lot 9 Centerline Utilities Minor Final Insufficiency Ltr
04-DEC-14 H140-002 Hufnagel Town Homes Rezoning Sufficiency Ltr
03-DEC-14 P102-040 Seven J's Lot 11 Final - HB 7023 State Time Extension
02-DEC-14 McGinley Approved PAMP -NPA1 20140119 PCN 23-38-40-003-000-0001.0-30000
01-DEC-14 S170-009 The Pine School (fka St Michael's Independent School - Rev Major Final Completeness Review
01-DEC-14 L075-002 Lost River Commerce Center Minor Final - Completeness Review
01-DEC-14 P063-009 Summerfield PUD PH VI Plat - Completeness Review letter
01-DEC-14 S161-001 Savanna Oaks - Completeness letter
25-NOV-14 Permitting Ag tourism.
24-NOV-14 S129-012 Sands Commerce Center I and III Revised Final - Post Complete
20-NOV-14 Letter to John Polley re: Jim Christ
20-NOV-14 Letter to Indiantown Veterans Association re: ICTF Contract
18-NOV-14 Albramowitz Tax & Lien Service Inc Zoning Verification 15438 and 15448 SW Warfield Blvd PCN 0540390000000012260000 & PCN 054390000000012300000
18-NOV-14 Albramowitz Tax & Lien Service Inc Zoning Verification 15438 and 15448 SW Warfield Blvd PCN 0540390000000012260000 & PCN 054390000000012300000
18-NOV-14 John and Judy Wilcox -Revised submittal NSSP T1018 PCN 214042001000001814000
18-NOV-14 Karlin Daniel Approved Preserve Area Management Plan PCN 163840000062000002
18-NOV-14 A037-004 Ocean Master (fka Andy's Truck PH 2) revised Major Final - Post Approval requirements
14-NOV-14 T136-002 Turner Groves PUD Zoning and Master Sufficiency Ltr
12-NOV-14 F088-003 Fort Dawson Release of Littoral Bond
12-NOV-14 E029-002 Elliott Museum Release of Landscape Bond
10-NOV-14 L074-002 Loggerhead Minor Final SRPT Ltr
10-NOV-14 J038-017 Pennock Preserve PUD Rev PUD Zoning and Master SRPT Ltr
10-NOV-14 W038-002 Webb Indiantown Storage Rezoning SRPT Ltr
10-NOV-14 2014_1110_R060-008_SRPT
07-NOV-14 J & M Westbride LLC Adm Variance Memo to Taryn
07-NOV-14 Casey C. and Virginia A. Schwerdt Adm Var
07-NOV-14 P125-009 Pitchford's Landing Addendum to Completeness Ltr
07-NOV-14 L057-008 Lost River Properties Ph 3 Lost River Manors - Release of Landscape Bond
06-NOV-14 Nancy Lee Morrell - Address Change
06-NOV-14 038-075 West Jesnen PUD PH 1B Parcel 12.4A Aldi- Final post approval requirements
05-NOV-14 Thomas Stanley Zoning Letter 16002 SW Indiantown Ave, Lotus Ranch
04-NOV-14 Letter to YMCA re: ICTF Executed Contract
04-NOV-14 Letter to Laurie Gaylord re: ICTF Executed Contract
04-NOV-14 Letter to J.P. Gellerman re: ICTF Executed Contract
04-NOV-14 Letter to Gigi Suntum re: ICTF Executed Contract
04-NOV-14 Letter to Boys and Girls Club re: Executed Contract
04-NOV-14 John and Laurie Jordan Waiver NWW1 20140113 PCN 2340420010010088020000
04-NOV-14 2014_1103_L073-003_Lost_River_Addition_SRPT_Ltr
31-OCT-14 R098-006 Racetrac Major final - Post Approval requirements
30-OCT-14 Hans K Wagner Waiver NWW1 20140114 PCN 0138400050000019090000
30-OCT-14 V025-008 Polo Club fka Venetian Acres Vacated Plat - Completeness letter
30-OCT-14 2014_1029_D053-001_SRPT
30-OCT-14 2014_1027_G068-008_SRPT
27-OCT-14 2013/2014 2nd Set DEO Transmittal
27-OCT-14 Woodbridge Mobile Homeowners Street Names Signs
24-OCT-14 J051-004 Jensen Beach Chamber of Commerce - HB 7023 State Time Extension
24-OCT-14 P141-004 Paradise Lake PUD - Master HB 7023 State Time Extension
24-OCT-14 B046-032 Willoughby PUD/DRI Parcel U PH 3E Rev PUD Final - Post Requirements
24-OCT-14 B046-031 Willoughby DRI/PUD Parcel U Ph 3E Revised PUD Zoning and Master- Post Requirements
24-OCT-14 J052-004 Jupiter Pointe Rezoning- Post Requirements
24-OCT-14 P063-008 Summerfield PUD Ph VI SRPT Ltr GMD
23-OCT-14 GMD Workload
21-OCT-14 J054-001 Steven B and Susan M - Release of Unity of Title - Post Complete
21-OCT-14 P125-009 Pitchford's Landing PUD - PUD Final Sufficiency Ltr
21-OCT-14 F099-010 Floridian Golf Club PUD Ph 2 - HB 7023 State Time Extension
21-OCT-14 H124-005 Hobe Sound Executive Center - HB 7023 State Time Extension
21-OCT-14 H076-015 Harmony Ranch - HB 7023 Time Extension
21-OCT-14 K034-007 Koenig Ranch Major Final - HB 7023 State Time Extension
21-OCT-14 S216-005 Sanctuary at Manatee Bay - HB 7023 State Time Extension
20-OCT-14 L062-011 River Glen Replat SRPT Ltr
20-OCT-14 2014_1020_S241-002_SRPT
20-OCT-14 2014-10-20-C087-010-StaffRptLtr GMD
20-OCT-14 S233-004 Seabranch and US 1 (Tower) Final - HB 7023 State Time Extension
16-OCT-14 2015-CPA Schedule
16-OCT-14 I038-010 Indiantown Commerce and Technology Park PUD - Post Requirements
16-OCT-14 R098-007 Kanner Business Park PLat - Post approval requirements
15-OCT-14 S129-013 Sands Commerce Center III-PH 1 2 and 3 - HB70233 Time Extension
15-OCT-14 F099-011 Floridian Golf Club PUD - Master HB 7023 State Time Extension
14-OCT-14 V036-002 Village Square Two Final Post Appr Ltr
14-OCT-14 P115-007 Heritage Enclave fka Portofino Villas -HB7023 State Timetable Extension
13-OCT-14 Zoning Info Inc Zoning Verification 1400 NE Savannah Rd JB PCN 2837410000100001040000
13-OCT-14 L069-005 Langford Landing SRPT Ltr
13-OCT-14 2014_1015_F099-008_Floridian_Golf_Club_SRPT_Ltr
10-OCT-14 T039-117 Treasure Coast Square Mall PUD Tract E Rooms To Go - Post Approval
09-OCT-14 Lucido & Associates Zoning Verification Seneca Industries, Inc.
09-OCT-14 Michael & Claire Panella - Address Change
09-OCT-14 Andrew Perl Address Change
08-OCT-14 S129-012 Sands Commerce Center I and III Revised Master & Final - Post Requirements
08-OCT-14 R060-008 Ferreira Marine Way Adm Amendment Sufficiency Ltr
08-OCT-14 P152-004 Palm City Landfill II Waste Transfer Station Rev Maj Final Sufficiency Ltr
07-OCT-14 letter to Brad Currie re CPA 15-4 GMP
07-OCT-14 letter to Morris Crady re CPA 15-3 GMP
07-OCT-14 letter to david giunta re cpa 15-5 GMP
07-OCT-14 letter to terry mccarthy re CPA cove rd GMP
07-OCT-14 letter to craig rich re CPA Berry Retail GMP
07-OCT-14 O026-006 Osceola Pines PUD Master - HB 7023 State Time Extension
07-OCT-14 Carol Duffy Waiver for 1740 Coxswain Place - PCN 0638410010000083060000
03-OCT-14 Littman Sherlock & Helms Zoning Verification Lots 21 & 22 PCN 2239380010030021000000 & PCN 2239380010030022000000

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