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Fire Rescue: ( Sorted by Date ) 2013/2014
11-APR-14 Sky Lighters of Florida FRP
10-APR-14 CEMP Submittals FRE
10-APR-14 RBellomy Supp Comp Assoc. FRA
09-APR-14 CEMP HealthSouth Rehabilitation FRE
09-APR-14 CEMP Stuart Nursing & Restorative Care FRE
09-APR-14 CEMP Anchor Home Health Services FRE
09-APR-14 CEMP Manors at Hobe Sound FRE
09-APR-14 CEMP The Surgery Center at Jensen Beach FRE
08-APR-14 Turnpike Access FRA
08-APR-14 Travel - EMS Advisory Meetings FRA
07-APR-14 Alex Nathanson Travel FRP
04-APR-14 Pierce Apparatus Issues FRA
04-APR-14 Hazard Analysis Grant FRA
04-APR-14 CEMP The Sugery Center at Jensen Beach FRE
04-APR-14 Thank you Window Doctor FRA
04-APR-14 Thank you Holgerson FRA
03-APR-14 LODD/Youngwood Vol. FD/Chief Ferrara FRA
03-APR-14 LODD/Spotswood FD/Chief Ferrara FRA
03-APR-14 LODD/So. Montgomery Cty. Vol. FD/Chief Ferrara FRA
03-APR-14 LODD/Bright Vol. FD/Chief Ferrara FRA
02-APR-14 Response Protocol 9603 SE Little Club Way FRP
02-APR-14 FPL INV> (4/14 - 9/14)/Chris FRE
31-MAR-14 Travel - EMO Course G110 (Carol) FRE
28-MAR-14 Turnpike Access FRA
25-MAR-14 CEMP Palm City Nursing & Rehab Center FRP
25-MAR-14 FP Martin County Sheriff's Office-Jail FRP
21-MAR-14 Ocean Rescue Training Hour - Sailfish Splash FRA
21-MAR-14 Mandatory Ocean Rescue Swim Test FRA
21-MAR-14 Supervisor Training Class FRA
14-MAR-14 LODD/Hellsgate FD/Chief Ferrara FRA
14-MAR-14 LODD/Anchorage FD/Chief Ferrara FRA
14-MAR-14 LODD/Ironwood Twnshp Vol. FD/Chief Ferrara FRA
14-MAR-14 LODD/Wallington FD/Chief Ferrara FRA
14-MAR-14 LODD/Tennessee Dept. of Agr/Div. of Forestry/Chief Ferrara FRA
14-MAR-14 LODD/Kennedy Space Ctr FR/Chief Ferrara FRA
13-MAR-14 LODDPeekskill FD/Chief Ferrara FRA
13-MAR-14 LODD/Willowick FD/Chief Ferrara FRA
13-MAR-14 CEMP Kane Center FRP
13-MAR-14 CEMP The Surgery Center at Jensen Beach FRP
13-MAR-14 Fire Plan The Surgery Center at Jensen Beach FRP
12-MAR-14 Battalion Chief Testing FRA
12-MAR-14 ALS Permits FRA
12-MAR-14 Ocean Breeze Actual Costs FY 2013 FRA
12-MAR-14 Town of Jupiter Island - Actual Costs FY13 FRA
12-MAR-14 Awards Dinner Nominations 2014 FRA
07-MAR-14 REPTF Annual Mtg. (Chris Travel) FRE
07-MAR-14 LODD/Orange City FD/Chief Ferrara FRA
07-MAR-14 lLODD/Columbia FD/Chief Ferrara FRA
07-MAR-14 LODD/Oak Grove FD #25/Chief Ferrara FRA
04-MAR-14 LODD/Arkansas Forestry Comm./Chief Ferrara FRA
04-MAR-14 LOD/Dallas Fire Rescue Dept/Chief Ferrara FRA
04-MAR-14 LODD/Franklin FD/Chief Ferraa FRA
04-MAR-14 LODD/MunsterFD/Chief Ferrara FRA
04-MAR-14 LODD/Poyen Fire Dept./Chief Ferrara FRA
26-FEB-14 Grant Reimbursement FY 11 Sustainment/Training FRA
24-FEB-14 Bay Fireworks Jupiter Island Club FRP
20-FEB-14 CPR and ACLS Recertification FRA
17-FEB-14 LCrary Supp Comp Bachelor Degree FRA
17-FEB-14 JWiggins Supp Comp FRA
13-FEB-14 Dr. Seuss Days FRA
11-FEB-14 Thank you - Woodbridge Mobile (HOA) FRA
11-FEB-14 LODD/Scioto Twnshp FD/Chief Ferrara FRA
11-FEB-14 LODD/Four Oaks FD/Chief Ferrara FRA
11-FEB-14 LODD/Nutter Fort FD/Chief Ferrara FRA
11-FEB-14 LODD/East Central Vol. FD/Chief Ferrara FRA
11-FEB-14 LODD/Toledo Fire Rescue/Chief Ferrara (Dickman) FRA
11-FEB-14 LODD/Toledo Fire & Rescue FRA
11-FEB-14 LODD/Orange Cty. Fire Auth. #45 FRA
07-FEB-14 Update on LifeStar Program FRA
04-FEB-14 Special Response Team and Equipment FRA
31-JAN-14 Hazardous Materials Response Team Vacancy FRA
28-JAN-14 REVISED - 2014 Kelly Day Selections FRA
28-JAN-14 City of Stuart - MOU Billing FRA
28-JAN-14 2014 Kelly Day Selection FRA
24-JAN-14 Travel Justification FRA
24-JAN-14 State of the Department Rotations FRA
24-JAN-14 LifeStar - Out of Service FRA
23-JAN-14 LODD/Highstown Eng. Co. #1/Chief Ferrara FRA
23-JAN-14 LODD/Youngville Vol. FD/Chief Ferrara FRA
23-JAN-14 LODD/Cliffside Pk. FD/Chief Ferrara FRA
23-JAN-14 LODD/Prince George's Fire/EMt Dept./Chief Ferrara FRA
23-JAN-14 LODD/Lockheed Martin Aero FD/Chief Ferrara FRA
21-JAN-14 Annual Ltr. of Certification/Vicki (Chris) FRE
17-JAN-14 CEMP Treasure Coast Center for Surgery FRP
17-JAN-14 CEMP Alzheimer's Community FRP
17-JAN-14 Martin County Local Mitigation Strategy Annual Update 2014 FRE
13-JAN-14 MForte Supp Comp FRA
10-JAN-14 Action Planning Sessioins FRA
10-JAN-14 Travel - Fire Rescue East - Fields FRA
10-JAN-14 Boy Scout Camp - Tanah Keeta - EMS FRA
07-JAN-14 Travel - Harshburger Infection Control Officer FRA
07-JAN-14 CPR Instructor Update FRA
07-JAN-14 Travel - EMS State Meetings - Harshburger FRA
06-JAN-14 CEMP Allegro FRP
30-DEC-13 Battalion Chief Step Ups FRA
20-DEC-13 LODD/LaCrosse Vol. FD/Chief Ferrara FRA
20-DEC-13 LODD/Jefferson Vol. FD/Chief Ferrara FRA
20-DEC-13 Homeland Security Grants FRA
20-DEC-13 LODD/Swift Creek Rural FD/Chief Ferrara FRA
20-DEC-13 LODD/Waycross FD. Chief Ferrara FRA
20-DEC-13 LODD/So. Zanesville FD/Chief Ferrara FRA
20-DEC-13 Seawind Elementary - firefighter response FRA
20-DEC-13 LODD/So. Jackson Cty. Vol. FD/Chief Ferrara FRA
20-DEC-13 LODD/Rice Lake Twnshp Vol. FD/Chief Ferrara FRA
20-DEC-13 LODD/Factoryville FD/Chief Ferrara FRA
19-DEC-13 FRPA Annual Meeting Travel Just./Deb. FRE
19-DEC-13 Pyrotecnico-Loblolly Golf Course FRP
17-DEC-13 ALS permit 2014 Engine FRA
13-DEC-13 Frie Report #14968 FRA
10-DEC-13 Fire Plan- George Hodge FRP
10-DEC-13 DLittle Supp Comp FRA
03-DEC-13 Douglas V Killane FRP
25-NOV-13 LODD/Nedrow Vol. FD/Chief Ferrara FRA
25-NOV-13 LODD/Community Fire Co. Perryville/Chief Ferrara FRA
21-NOV-13 FTI List Updated (11/19/13) FRA
21-NOV-13 Air Consumption Drill FRA
19-NOV-13 USLA Lifeguard Training Officer Travel - Dan Lund FRA
19-NOV-13 Mandatory Ocean Rescue Staff Meeting FRA
15-NOV-13 LODD/Fox Twnshp Vol. FD/Cief Ferrara FRA
15-NOV-13 LODD/Sycamore Twnshp Fire & EMS/Chief Ferrara FRA
15-NOV-13 LODD/Whitley City FD/Chief Ferrara FRA
15-NOV-13 Joseph V. Ferrara (IRSC/Dashosh)/Vicki FRA
15-NOV-13 Joseph V. Ferrara (IRSC)/Vicki FRA
14-NOV-13 Douglas V. Killane FRP
14-NOV-13 CEMP Florida Mentor's Sandpiper Clusters FRP
08-NOV-13 CEMP Geo Care FRP
07-NOV-13 Pyrotecnico-Loblolly Pines Golf Club FRP
07-NOV-13 CEMP Martin Nursing & Restorative Care Center FRP
07-NOV-13 Joseph V. Ferrara (OFD)/Vicki FRA
07-NOV-13 Joseph V. Ferrara (STCSO)/Vicki FRA
07-NOV-13 Joseph V. Ferrara (MCSO)/Vicki FRA
07-NOV-13 Joseph V. Ferrara (PBCFR)/Vicki FRA
07-NOV-13 Joseph V. Ferrara (MCSO)/Vicki FRA
07-NOV-13 Joseph V. Ferrara (Grace Place)/Vicki FRA
07-NOV-13 Joseph V. Ferrara (Boca FR)/Vicki FRA
07-NOV-13 Joseph V. Ferrara (BBFD)/Vicki FRA
04-NOV-13 CEMP The Residence of Stuart FRP
01-NOV-13 Creative Fireworks Company-Airshow FRP
01-NOV-13 LODD/New Hanover Cty. FD/Chief Ferrara FRA
01-NOV-13 LODD/Odgen Ridge Fire/Rescue/Chief Ferrara FRA
01-NOV-13 LODD/Milan FD/Chief Ferrara FRA
01-NOV-13 LOOD/Mason Cty. Rural Fire Auth. CusterFD/Chief Ferrara FRA
01-NOV-13 LODD/Gettsburg Rural FD/Chief Ferrara FRA
01-NOV-13 Thank you - Zaccheo/EM FRE
30-OCT-13 2014 Kelly Day Selections FRA
29-OCT-13 Travel Justification - Harshburger - Testify FRA
24-OCT-13 13/14 FPL INVOICE/Church FRE
22-OCT-13 FP- East Coast Pyrotechnics, Inc FRP
22-OCT-13 Douglas V. Killane FRP
18-OCT-13 Response to ISO Letter (Butzberger) FRA
18-OCT-13 Hazard Analysis Grant FRA
18-OCT-13 DirecTV_Prepay_mtr FRA
17-OCT-13 Alex Nathanson FRP
16-OCT-13 13/14 Operating Procedure Plan FRA
10-OCT-13 Officer Forums (rescheduled) FRA
10-OCT-13 Employee Pillar of Character Award(Ezard)/Church FRE
10-OCT-13 Employee Piller of Character Award (Bailes)/Church FRE
10-OCT-13 Thank you - Windmill Elementary School FRA
09-OCT-13 FMLA_ Bates FRA
08-OCT-13 2013 Stuart Air Show FRA
04-OCT-13 CEMP Comfort Keepers FRP
04-OCT-13 ETR Travel Request FRA
03-OCT-13 CEMP Treasure Coast Forensic Treatment Center FRP

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